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Asian Massage Parlor Girls – How Much Coercion Is There?



Recently, I received several great questions about Asian massage parlors and the women who work there. I love getting feedback from my male readers as it helps me to offer more of the information that’s relevant to you.

So here is his question as it was asked to me:

“Dear Dyann, seeking info

“Is it true that most if not “all” Asian massage places are staffed by gals who really don’t want to be there of their own volition….

… If it isn’t true, what is the exit-plan for these gals, I mean are they just saving money for when they return to their home country?

… How do they date, etc. Personal Life(open relationship– honesty etc,

Who would feel really secure or comfortable dating a Provider?”

OK… these are great questions and I’ll do my best to answer them as thoroughly as possible.

So let’s break it down:

  1. Is it true that most if not “all” Asian massage places are staffed by gals who really don’t want to be there of their own volition?
  2. What is the exit-plan for these gals? – Are they saving money to return home?
  3. How do they date? What are the complications? Would a man feel secure or comfortable dating a provider?

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#1 – OK… some qualifiers –

-I have not worked in an Asian massage parlor, I have not frequented one as a client and I have not talked to a woman personally who has worked in one of those establishments.



My experience comes vicariously through my clients who have generously shared their stories with me during my massage sessions. I have also done a fair amount of research online in this area.


Question #1

So let’s tackle question number one … Do the women at Asian massage parlors not want to be there? —

Well, sometimes that’s true and sometimes it isn’t. It really depends on the ownership/management of the business. How did the women arrive there? How did they get the job? You probably won’t get an honest answer if you asked.

Having said that, some of the women know what they’re getting into when they start working there. Others are coerced. It’s true that it can be difficult to know the difference. So what’s a man to do?

Personally, I would do as much as I could to discover what type of management/ownership runs the place. You can do this officially by looking up their business name and seeing if there is any public information on the owners. This can be difficult to do and may or may not yield info that would determine how fairly they treat their staff.


Another Suggestion

Next, just try calling them.

Call up with a few questions in mind and see how they answer. Are they polite? Do they put you off? Sometimes this can help.

Although, some of these places will be nice to customers up front until it gets to payment time. Then they get cold as ice and do what they can to squeeze more money out of you. There will suddenly be extra “fees” that weren’t discussed ahead of time.

Now this doesn’t automatically mean the girls who work there are there by force. It does give you good information about the attitude of the ownership.


Yet Another Suggestion

Another way would be to just pay attention to the woman herself. Does she seem like she wants to be there? Some women can hide this well if they don’t want to be there. However, if they’ve been there for awhile under duress, the strain will show.

Finally, get some references. Try to get personal references from a man you know or from a friend of a man you know and whose opinion you trust.


Question #2

Answer to the second question is simple – Are they saving to go back home? More than likely no. It’s the reason they came here in the first place. To make money and get out of a really bad situation. They were probably told a bunch of fairytales filled with crazy rich Americans.

The reality is much different.

I would think that most women, once they get here from other countries probably try to make a go of it and build a life. The only reason they could be lured from their home country in the first place, is if it was highly intolerable on many levels.

Can you imagine uprooting yourself and moving to another country based on the promise of a ‘better life’?  Yeah.


Question #3

This question —> regarding how women who work in an Asian massage parlor date… is multi-fold.

I’ve known women who went to great lengths to never tell their boyfriends what kind of work they do. Even so far as to get someone who has a similar body type and use the other girl’s photos in ads. Just in case the boyfriend recognized her.

Many women will have a whole fictional work story to tell their boyfriend. They’ll always have an excuse as to why he can’t ever pick her up or visit her at work. Although, it swings the other way too.

Some women are completely honest with a man they’re dating. That would take some unusual honesty and security on both sides.

Trust takes time to develop. A young woman working in an Asian massage parlor is not going to find that level of trust or give it very often for many understandable reasons.

So I hope that sheds some light on women who work in Asian massage parlors.

I’d like to be more helpful, but I’ll just say… be careful.



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Thank you for reading and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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