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FOSTA -SESTA Continues To Disrupt The Erotic Industry – No Desiree Conference

Desiree Conference

FOSTA -SESTA Continues To Disrupt The Erotic Industry –

No Desiree Conference



The FOSTA-SESTA fallout continues.

Organizers of The Desiree Conference the biggest gathering for training sex workers and sex work advocates, cancelled the event (held every 3 years) stating the newly-passed FOSTA-SESTA law could endangers the attendees.

And you know what… they’re right.


The Desiree Conference, is a five-day event held in various cities around the U.S. It’s regarded as the most important gatherings of its kind for sex workers and allies. It takes a lot to organize this conference every three years. To cancel it is no small thing. This conference is known for provided empowerment and support to  sex workers and their activists.

We need them now more than ever.


Here is an excerpt from an interview with Cris Sardina director of The Desiree Conference:

Due to FOSTA/SESTA enactments, our leadership made the decision that we cannot put our organization and our attendees at risk. We hope you understand our grave concerns and continue to resist every law that exists to harm sex workers! Keep fighting!”

Sardina Continuing…

“Even something as simple as hotel hospitality potentially alerting local police to suspicious people or behavior could put a group of 500 activists and sex works at major risk. Because hospitality staff and ICE work together, there is no safety at this time.”

Cris Sardina expects to hold The Desiree Conference again in the future, when or if it becomes safe again to gather as sex workers “for five days with our heads held high” on American ground, she said.

This is the report that Sardina mentions where hotel employees have worked with ICE officials in the past.

This has got to stop. Consensual sex workers are supplying the demand for a commodity men have wanted since the dawn of time. Leave them alone!

See what Maggie McNeill, a former sex worker turned author and director of the upcoming “War On Whores” has to say in this interview:

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