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Gentlemen Please: Develop Your Sense of Responsibility

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I’ve mentioned this a number of times before on my blog… Developing Your Sense of Responsibility.

For example, I wrote about how it’s important to get a burner cell if you don’t want evidence of an erotic provider on your personal or work cellphone.

It seems like a straight forward concept, but many men don’t apply it.

However, it keeps happening so it bears mentioning again. Gentlemen please take responsibility for how you contact providers in the erotic industry.


I know women do not always take responsibility for themselves and their actions either, albeit in different ways.

However, The Body House is dedicated to helping men understand and relate to women better. It’s in that vein I write this article.

Since this is pretty basic, but important stuff, I’ve created a short list of what NOT to do when contacting an erotic provider:

  • Don’t expect her to bend to your requests as to when she should or shouldn’t call or text you back

  • Don’t call on a blocked number (Basic common sense, but happens all the time). Most providers won’t answer calls from a blocked line anyway

  • Don’t call on a landline and tell her it’s a cellphone or that you can receive calls and texts on it en route

  • Don’t ask to bypass her rules. For example asking, “Oh can’t you just text me the address or make an exception for me or I’m a good guy, you’ll like me, I’m okay.” Or any number of other excuses not to do it her way

  • Don’t agree to her terms over the phone or by email and then start asking for more once you get in the session thinking she’ll just submit to your requests


In general, if you want to engage in activity with a erotic provider be responsible for your end of it.

Here are a few things you CAN do to engage in with an erotic provider discreetly:

  • If you want to stay private get a separate encrypted email address just for this type of activity

  • Get a little flip top burner phone that is cheap, easy to hide and about $10 a month to maintain

  • Make sure you’re in an area where you can speak to her privately when you call so the conversation can be unencumbered with privacy concerns

  • Do your homework! Checkout her ads and website if she has one. Follow her directions and read through her terms of service. It’s irresponsible not to and make it less likely to get an appointment if you don’t.


Develop your sense of responsibility gentlemen. You can only have better interactions with women if you do!

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…

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