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THREE Of The MOST Important Tips To Be A Successful Sex Worker (Video)

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As a woman, you’re a commodity. A very valuable commodity that men will pay to get close to and have sex with.

It’s this deep seeded passion men have for sex with women (and sometimes men), that drives the entire sex industry. The tips in this article apply to ALL sex workers.

Although, in general sex work is overwhelmingly dominated by female providers and male clients.


If you’re an adult woman in the sex industry, you’ve consciously chosen to enter it and make it a business.

You’re performing a valuable service for many.


And… you’re doing this, in spite of the stigma and judgement directed toward sex work providers in this society.

To help you get the most out of your career as a sex worker here are the two most important tips to have a successful and long term sex work career.

This includes attracting many return clients and a creating a healthy bank account.

Check out this interview with Amberly Rothfield on her book “How I Made $10,000 as a PSO”


#1 Know Thyself

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To be a successful sex worker or successful at any business, then you must know yourself and know exactly what you offer.

This helps define yourself within the industry and attract the kind of client that’s right for you.

If you’re in it for the long term, you don’t want just any Tom, Dick, Harry or John to show up.

It’s safer and smarter to know who you are and what you want from your work.

Also, be very honest with yourself as to what you’re willing to do to be a successful sex worker.

Remember you’re able to set limits and boundaries for yourself.

You just need to communicate that clearly in your advertising and again during your client screening process.


As well, know what “type” you are.

As superficial as it is, the sex industry is driven by appearance.

Men are visual animals and want what they want.

The good news is, there is always someone who wants your “type.”

No matter your ethnicity, height, age or even your weight, there is a segment of the client base looking for you.

The most important thing is owning yourself.

Looking as good as you can and having a pleasant manner will take you the farthest. randall, pinup illustration, sexy lady leopard fabric

Watch a video from a Madam on how to heal through BDSM here…


In any industry, self respect is a hallmark of success.


#2 Consistently Create Content


This is the sex industry after all so presenting yourself in a provocative manner and in sexy clothing is always welcome and in fact necessary.

You don’t have to get completely naked unless you want to. 

What really counts is being yourself and giving the audience *in your particular category/genre* what they want.

Once you get the hang of that… then keep churning our content and you will find a fan base.


For example, you can hire a photographer for a sexy THEMED photo shoot, take them yourself or with a friend. The point is to make your pictures clear and make sure they’re of you.

eg. Show off your feet if you are going to cater to those in the foot fetish category. 


However, when taking your pictures, you’ll want to consider tip #1. Know thyself.frusk, sexy lady playing flute, illustration pinup

Spend time thinking about what you’re really interested in participating in.

Whatever it is… there will be an audience who wants it. It’s true.

You need to be true to yourself and be comfortable with what you’re putting out.

Your fans will see it and keep them coming back for more.


The bottom line is… Be clear about your intentions and what genre of the sex industry you’re TRULY comfortable engaging in.

Then be consistent about creating content around that intentional genre.

We wish you much success in your sex work career.


#3 STAY SAFE – Advertising Online


Below is a video that goes into more details as to how to post your pictures and advertise as a successful sex worker on the internet to stay safe.


What to Expect When Visiting/Contacting a Sensual Provider

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