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Interview With DR. SUE STORM ​Fetish Educator, Podcaster and Former Pro Domme {VIDEO}



Dr. Sue Talks about the Fallout from FOSTA-SESTA above… ^^^^^

                           ***YouTube video of the interview/podcast below***


Dr. Sue has 30 years in the erotic industry. She is a former pro dominatrix, teaches fetish technique and is currently educating people about recently passed (April/2018) freedom infringing laws.
These laws are:   

  1. FOSTA-SESTA     
  2. ​The CLOUD Act     
  3. The End Banking For Human Traffickers Act

If you don’t know about these laws this interview will be enlightening. Make no mistake. We have turned a corner on free speech.

Not only are these 3 laws having devastating effects on the erotic industry, they are killing free speech online. As well, they do absolutely NOTHING to prevent sex trafficking. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Online erotic advertising made the industry much safer for providers.

Not anymore.

Listen to Dr. Sue as she shares her passion and insights on women in the sex industry and how politicians are using the term “sex trafficking” to end freedom of speech as we know it.

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