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Let’s Play a Game of “Guess Who Are The Sex Workers!” (VIDEOS)

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Let’s Play a Game of…

“Guess Who Are The Sex Workers!”

dominatrix sex work

Think you know what a sex worker looks like? Think you could pick them out in a crowd? It may not be so easy.

Guessing Game

The video production company Cut asked four people to interview ten strangers, five of whom were actual sex workers.

Cut asked them if they could identify which one was a sex worker.

Among the group of ten, half were sex workers which included porn stars, an escort and a webcam model.

On The BBC Too

A BBC Channel 3 production aired earlier this year with a similar intention… to expose the misconceptions about who sex workers really are.

The BBC video sought to challenge myths about sex workers, and perhaps this American video will do the same.

Contrary to what many people believe, the life of a sex worker is neither glamorous nor exploitative.

For most sex workers… it’s just work. 

In the fascinating BBC 3 video, male and female consensual sex workers address some of the most persistent and wrong headed ideas regarding their job.


First, far too many people assume that any sex worker must have been abused as children.

Many think that a sex workers dark childhood led them into sex work. The reality is often more mundane.

One professional dominatrix explains that her work gives her the opportunity to write and time to enjoy the countryside with her husband.

Another female sex worker says she just loves sex.

Although, she hates the fact that when you go out and meet somebody in the bar, the sex is so bad.

So instead she figures if she’s going to go out, not only is she going to get paid, she’s going to meet great people and have an orgasm two to three times a day.

Who doesn’t want that job?

Well… watch the video below and see if you can discover who is the sex worker in that group. They have a lot of fun with it.

The video below that interviews sex workers…


Thank you for reading. Have a very sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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