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Jackass Report: The CEO Of Backpage Is Caught Sex Trafficking! (VIDEO)

OK….. in the last week there has been a Y-UGE disaster at

Here’s the Jackass report: The CEO of Backpage and his top cronies were all arrested for sex trafficking. The idiots.

In a nutshell, Carl Ferrer, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the advertising, was arrested on Thursday, Oct. 6. Some of the  charges including pimping and the sex trafficking of minors. Idiot.

Let me preface this by saying that last summer (2015), Backpage went through a shake up when a county sheriff convinced Mastercard and Visa to stop processing payments from the advertising site.

The reason for this was Backpage’s refusal to co-operate with authorities wanting to investigate sex trafficking rings who advertised on the site.

Now, a year and a half later it’s caught up to Carl Ferrer.

I used to think that Backpage (at least in part) were championing sex workers. Of course, the adult section was BIG business for them. However, they were also aware there are few places as well visited for men seeking female erotic services.

This is a concern for me and other providers like me.

My service is quite conservative in comparison to what is regularly advertised on BP. Most of my clients find me through their adult section. Me, and women like me, are the farthest thing from being “trafficked.” We fill a supply in demand voluntarily.

At this point however, the future of Backpage and the people who use and view the advertisements is precarious. Here’s another story on another Backpage arrest. They just keep racking them up.

I’m not sure where this leaves me, but I will continue to provide my services for as long as I can.

Although, for whatever reason… I can’t continue sensual massage therapy forever.  🙂

However, this website and my viewpoints will continue to live long after my ads on Backpage have disappeared.

Take a look at the news video below. I will keep things updated on the status of the case on the website.


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