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The MisGuided Fight To Close Down Backpage Continues (VIDEO)

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The MisGuided Fight To

Close Down Backpage Continues

sex trafficking adult ads close Backpage

Almost half of the Senate – a group of 47 lawmakers – is co-sponsoring a bill to close a loophole which supports (what they think) is an online market for sex trafficking. What they really want to do is close Backpage.

The Fight Continues

They want to remove legal protections for websites that host prostitution ads, but some in law enforcement warn the effort could be counterproductive.

Well, if they did that they’d have to shut down half the internet…

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says is involved in nearly three-quarters of all reports of online child sex trafficking that it receives from the general public.

It should be noted at this point that works closely with Children of The Night, a private funded organization that helps kids flee trafficking.

Supporters on Both Sides

A report by CBS News says the Senate investigation showed adult ads proved to be big business for Backpage.

Their adult section generated more than 90 percent of their revenue in the year 2011.

However, many people say it’s not smart to close Backpage.

For example, police in Chicago use Backpage for undercover sting operations. They also say that the powers that be at have been co-operative over the years.

They ofte call Backpage and ask if they can keep a look out for someone and in many cases Backpage has helped catch the traffickers and bring the victims to safety.

What politicians, individuals and organizations are missing is the fact that most of the ads on are put up by adults who CHOSE to engage in paid sex work.

It’s An Adult Choice

These ADULTS are CHOOSING to offer sexual services that are in overwhelming demand. Erotic services have always been apart of every culture throughout millenia.

Even if they succeed in shutting down Backpage they will only spread the continuous wave of seekers to other areas of the internet. Good luck with that senators.

See the full new story here:

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