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The Kink Experiment Week Report #3 Jan. 26th – Feb. 2nd

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OK… Here are the results for The Kink Experiment week #3.

The Kink Experiment Week #3

January 26th – February 2nd

This week was interesting; in the sense that I’ve realized a number of things about men I hadn’t noticed before…


Men have many things rolling around in the back of their minds they will not tell anyone except a woman, a woman they don’t know and a woman they don’t have to deal with face to face… ever.

Through taking calls on Niteflirt and doing research in the PSO (phone sex operator) industry, I now understand that about 50% of the calls are NON-sexual.

Meaning, instead of sexual role play, half the men who call want mature, intellectually stimulating conversation with a woman they don’t have to deal with in real life.

Find examples of this in the 2nd Kink Experiment Report here…


This phenomenon makes me want to open my own phone line exclusively for men in an advisory capacity in ALL areas… not just sexual role play.

Whether a man wants to admit it to anyone (or even himself) the fact is men need women as navigators in their lives.

It’s probably one of the most important and valuable aspect of a man’s intimate relationship with a woman. He wants to be steered straight. When she falls off that, he becomes rudderless. When a man is rudderless he runs into hidden rocks and icebergs.

The trouble is men don’t ask for this type of counsel easily or willingly. A wise woman will inject her navigational skills casually and without consternation.

Men tend to respect women who offer a different perspective that can help them feel more in charge of their lives.

So, for me, an advisory phone line could be in the future. We’ll see how this experiment goes.


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Technical Troubles

My biggest beef with Niteflirt in the Kink Experiment Week #3 —> is without a doubt the technical problems.

There have been numerous dropped calls or calls where the phone just doesn’t ring.

When I’m averaging 2-3 calls in a shift (my line is open approximately noon-10pm) that’s a big problem. Niteflirt is nearly 20 years old. It’s one of the most mature PSO platforms on the internet.


This is also the biggest problem with most popular user sites who have been around 7-8 years or longer.

Technology has changed so fast that early adopted sites housing thousands of accounts and serve millions of visitors a month struggle to keep up. It’s extremely time consuming to upgrade.

The logistics would demand a site like Niteflirt to create a whole new website to keep pace with technology. For many reasons, that’s not practical. So, we deal with dropped calls or calls that don’t get patched through.

It’s harder to build a business around PSO work because of this, but we adapt and continue on.


Show Me The $$$

During this Kink Experiment Week #3 I saw a jump in earnings because of the chat feature (approximately .64 cents per volley. I see about .46 cents of that) and several very lengthy calls. A few lasted close to an hour and one lasted for 107 minutes!

Niteflirt providers or what they call “flirts” have full control of the amount they charge per minute. It can easily be changed with a few clicks in the back of the account.

The least amount a flirt can charge is .20 cents. The most I’ve seen charged is at least $9.99 and I believe the system allows for even more. Other PSO platforms are not as flexible.

Right now… my listings are sitting between $1.40 and $1.50 a minute. $1.50 is for my most popular listing. That listing says Dyann is available for role play and mature conversation. <—- Another Update 2022 – Advice & Story Telling ONLY and that’s losing steam…


Hypnotized By Flirts

Another thing I’ve noticed during this Kink Experiment Week #3, is the overwhelming number of flirts who offer “erotic hypnosis” through the platform. So, I studied up on it. Hypnosis in general, is basically guided meditation with the suggestions previously agreed upon.

The more I learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy the more I realize it’s perfectly in line with many of my own personal philosophies. I meditate daily for stress reduction and to gain information from a higher source.

I often recommend meditating at least 10-20 minutes a day to my clients. I’m always trying to give them a little bit more. Something that will last longer than a good massage.


I think hypnotherapy might be that other element I’ve been looking for. I’ve been doing massage for 20 years. I’ve studied a lot of massage techniques. The modalities I use are the ones I’ll keep. I haven’t found any other massage techniques that I’ve felt comfortable incorporating.


Hypnotherapy just might be that thing I offer to push my practice to another level. I’m now currently enrolled in a certification level hypnosis and NLP practitioner course. It’s more involved than I thought. It also seems like something my clients would respond to well.


I like the idea of continuing some form of massage in conjunction with the hypnosis. I will keep you informed as to what type of therapeutic practice comes of this.

However, I can say I’m really enjoying learning something that will help to raise the consciousness of men, myself and humanity!

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…                Report #4 Here…

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