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The Kink Experiment Report #2 – Week of Jan. 18th to 25th

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I’m still not going to pay the rent on what I’m making on Niteflirt, but I’m learning about men and their particular type of kinks. This lady is finding her place within this strange industry.

I’m conservative. So, I’m not interested in the far out or gross kind of kinks.

I’m still averaging about 1-2 calls a day from about 3-8 minutes per call. Although, there are a few that last 20-30 minutes.

The cost for featured listings was $6.79 this week. I didn’t use it much the first week, but I figured I should to boost my listings.

You can set an amount per listing so that the system boosts your featured listing closer to the top.

Frankly, I didn’t notice a difference in the number of callers.


One thing that was dramatically different was the category in which my listings were found.

The listing that was found and called most often was the Mature Women Home Alone category.

Apparently, men of all ages like mature women. Can you blame them?


It’s Not All About Sex

Additionally, I’m finding that about 50% of the men who call are NOT looking for phone sex specifically. They’re more interested in speaking to a woman who can give them an insightful opinion on something in their lives that involves a woman.


For example, there was a man in his late 30s who wanted my opinion on a childhood incident with his female best friend. And no… it was not a sexual exploration type of incident, although it involved his genitalia.

This very nice, articulate and intelligent sounding man, told me about the time his ten year old self was kicked in the balls by his ten year old best friend who was a girl. She kicked him so hard he thought he was going to die.

After a few minutes of rolling around in agony, he realized he wasn’t going to die, but something had changed.


It was a “defining moment” in his life. Nothing was the same after that. Not his friendship with the ten year old girl, not his sense of himself as a man/boy and not his relationship with the world in general.

I offered some perspective.


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I’m Happy To Offer…


I was happy to offer an opinion on it and he seemed genuinely surprised and pleased with my viewpoint.

He hadn’t heard it before and felt it was food for thought.


An interesting fact was that he had called several women on the Niteflirt platform asking their opinion on the exact same incident. He was curious as to what we women thought about it.


An interesting side note; I asked him if he told his current girlfriend of 2 years about this event.

He said he had not. I made a suggestion that if he decides to marry her (or anyone) that he tell them about that incident. He said he wasn’t sure about that and that he might just keep it to himself.

There it is again….

The compartmentalization of the male psychology.

This seems a common trait in men.

I suspect it’s based on one part practicality and one part self protection.

Either way, it’s a male thinking pattern that is so deeply embedded as to be part of a man’s identity in so many ways. I guess it’s about survival.


This observation can be argued, but what can not be is the level of constant curiosity and desire for connection men feel toward women.

Platforms like Niteflirt allow men a way to explore their desires harmlessly.

It allows women like myself to offer our guidance, femininity and sexuality in a harmless way as well, all while earning a few bucks.


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If you feel the need to ask a question please find me HERE on Niteflirt.

You can chat or call and I would love to answer your questions or offer any suggestions.

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…


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