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Backpage and The Sheriff

Backpage and The Sheriff


These are a few news articles featuring the trouble that, the grand daddy of listing sites…  is dealing with.


As of July/2015 (Yes, just weeks ago!) can NOT accept credit, debit or gift cards to pay for adult ads. The adult section is their $100 million/year cash cow.


This action was instigated by Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart. He sent a detailed letter to the CEOs of MasterCard and Visa pleading with them to stop accepting payments for Backpage’s adult section.


In the letter he argues that Backpage plays a large role in promoting sex trafficking across the U.S. by offering ads for prostitutes.


Since many of you guys look for adult services (often) in the listings I thought you’d be interested in the below news articles.


This first link is a supportive article by a contributor at Huffington Post.

Click HERE… for HuffPost article.


The second link goes to a Chicago Sun-Times which is less supportive of the sex work industry. It demonstrates the jumbled attitude this country has toward sex and sex work in general.

For the Chicago Sun-Times article… Click HERE.

More on Backpage “pimping” here…

Backpage & Free Speech

The Backpage fight goes on…

The New FOSTA/SESTA Law Is A Disaster

Backpage is Dead and Switter is Alive –> And now in 2022 is on it’s way out… boooo

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