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Sensual Blog For Men Is Dead & Is Alive & Surging! twitter for sex workers is Dead

& Is Alive & Surging!


In light of the expected but still shocking death of, both providers and clients have been sent scrambling around the internet to find each other.

I’ve done some searching of my own.

I like sites that are sensual, sexy, but not over the top and in your face with sexual ads. That’s not what my service is about and that’s not what my clients are looking for.

So where does a girl or a guy go online when they want to advertise or receive a sensual experience?

Well here’s a new one and I’m already ‘addicted’ to it…

It’s a very new (and unproven) platform. It’s basically Twitter for the sex industry.

It’s called

Dyann's profile on

Both the servers and the domain are based OUTside the US and in Austria – where sex work is legal.

I’d love to see Congress try to shut down! Below is an example post…

Look familiar?

If you can believe it is built on the Mastodon platform which is a free and open source script.

The company behind it is made up of techies and sex workers. Perhaps an unlikely union in this context, but an extremely timely one. 🙂

Both providers and clients are finding this platform FAST. I suggest you check it out. It couldn’t hurt, right?

It’s unfortunate that Congress can’t seem to find, see or acknowledge the line between consensual sex work and sex trafficking – which we can ALL agree is awful. looks like a great new platform for clients and providers to hook up, as well as, allow us to have our say!

I will keep you guys informed of more new and emerging or old and re-emerging platforms where you can connect with erotic providers. Thank you and have a very sensual day!

Dyann –

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