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A REVIEW: Alex Allman & Revolutionary Sex – Relationship Advice From a Man

Revolutionary Sex Alex Allman

A REVIEW: Alex Allman & Revolutionary Sex – Relationship Advice From a Man

I try to offer men an insight into the female mind so that the genders can relate more harmoniously.

This means I offer my own hard earned wisdom while becoming an internet troll in search for sex and relationship products to offer you.

To date, I’ve found only two people who specialize in the sex and relationship field whose products are worthy of promotion.

Today I’m going to review and recommend Alex Allman and his product Revolutionary Sex.

Why? Because it’s not just step by step nonsense and wink – wink tricks. Allman is a true student of relating to the opposite sex.

And sometimes a man needs to hear it from another man… “You’re not getting it dude. This is how it really is.”


Why Should Allman Know Better?

On his Youtube channel he talks about the mistakes he’s made with women early in his life and how he over came them.

The correction of these mistakes (or more precisely misunderstandings) were in large part, why he ultimately took the career path of sex and relationship expert.

He describes his curiosity of women and the illuminating friendships he’s had with them.

His female friends felt comfortable exposing their deeper yearnings with him. They felt S-A-F-E telling Alex about a woman’s deepest desires and fantasies.

Hence, the need for men to read REVOLUTIONARY SEX!

Bonus Video From Alex….. Tips on KISSING

Allman helps men to fully understand and appreciate HOW to make a woman feel safe so that she will want to jumps his bones. 🙂



In REVOLUTIONARY SEX Alex Allman discusses all the difficult issues men have around sex and relationships with women.

Allman tackles men’s areas of sensitivity. For example, he discusses:

  • What it means to be attractive to women
  • HOW to be attractive to women
  • Lasting longer in bed
  • Performance anxiety
  • Size

The REV SEX ebook is 133 pages of (dare I say) life changing info…

Next, Alex goes into the actual anatomy of the female body.

Oh please, oh please do NOT skip this section.

Waaaay too many men have no idea how the female body works. If you’re serious about making love to women you need to know where stuff is!

Allman takes all the mystery out of it and doesn’t sound like a contraceptive researcher doing it.


By The End…

Near the end of the book Allman goes into what it means to have real intimacy with a woman.

The kind of intimacy where a man ALLOWS a woman to fully relax and be herself.

I promise you, most men don’t know what lies in wait. Not from the beautiful stranger in the bar or from their wife of 20 years.

Most of you guys are clueless when it comes to providing a protected environment for intimacy with women.

When I say “protected environment” I don’t mean anything physical. It’s actually a space in your thinking and energy toward her that ‘permits’ her to unleash herself with you… in the best possible ways.

Unfortunately, in my (lengthy) experience with men, few understand what KIND of man they need to BE to experience a woman in her full glory.

Sexually or otherwise.


From reading REVOLUTIONARY SEX and watching most of Alex’s videos I believe he is the kind of man who understands women to a large extent.

Partly because he’s studied female anatomy and partly because he’s studied the behavior of women.

I also think Alex has had the good fortune of having very good female friends over the years.

The kind of female friends who will let a man into the inner circle of female psychology and fantasy.

By the way, Alex is about 50 and is married. They have a young daughter.

As far as I can see, this guy is living the stuff he preaches.

As a woman who has reached her middle years, I really enjoyed reading REVOLUTIONARY SEX.

I feel confident in endorsing it whole-heartedly. I don’t say this lightly.

Most sex and relationship advice is either complete nonsense or so superficial it’s useless beyond “Hello.”

So I encourage you, if you want to relate better to women, READ REVOLUTIONARY SEX.

Thank you for reading….

Dyann is a publisher and confidante for men.

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