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REVIEW: Susan Bratton at Personal Life Media & Revive Her Drive – Sex & Relationship Advice for Men

Susan Bratton from Personal Life Media & Revive Her Drive


Susan Bratton at Personal Life Media & Revive Her Drive

Sex & Relationship Advice for Men


Here at the Body House I do my best to offer insights into the female mind.

In doing so, I’ve trolled the internet to gather sex and relationship products that are complimentary to what I talk about here.

To date, I have only found two people whose products are worthy of my recommendation.

They are Susan Bratton and Alex Allman.

This review is on Susan Bratton and her product Revive Her Drive. 

Bratton’s philosophy in particular is very much in line with The Body House. She’s a gorgeous blonde who is approximately 50-ish, married and has a child.

She has the experience, smarts and education to offer information to men so you guys can better understand the female gender.

In one of her ebooks she offers men touch techniques that are scientifically proven to arouse the female body.

Here’s what she says in the introduction of that ebook… the Passion Patch:

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton and my life’s work is helping men bring out the passion in their wives.

How does that sound?

This woman describes her products as part of her life’s work.

Susan Bratton has dedicated her life to helping you guys have great sex and relate better to women! Love it!

REVIVE HER DRIVE has so many practical techniques to help a man bring his lady back to a passionate lover.

Go to THIS PAGE to learn more and watch a video that goes into it in more detailed. I warn you, it gets naughty.

Susan really wants you guys to get laid. She really wants you to be able to give a woman wonderful pleasure too.

Get to know Susan Bratton through her many FREE eBooks Here:

Finding Your Sexual Soul Mate

Top 10 Sexual Fantasy Techniques

Super Special Oral Techniques – (with a short video)

And her Flagship product: REVIVE HER DRIVE   OR    Click Here!

Here’s what Susan says about her intentions for your manhood:

“My ultimate goal is to earn your trust so that I can show you how you can have even better sex together than when you were first dating. You’re going to find the places and ways your wife loves to be touched. She will thrill to your touch again……”

Revive Her Drive is great for guys who are young and have a girlfriend too. These techniques are for getting women in the mood as quickly as possible.

I’ll warn you… the video on the Revive Her Drive page is NSFW, but it’s goooood.

So take a few minutes and let me know how it goes. Thank you, Dyann xoxo


P.S. – And get on Susan’s “Steamy Sex Ed” VIP List. This particular product is sold ONLY once or twice a year.

It’s really kind of a phenomenal product. I would describe it as ‘educational porn‘ except it’s classier.

Basically Steamy Sex Ed shows an attractive man and woman having sex with a voiceover on the specific techniques they are performing. The light and cinematography are beautiful. Top grade. This is not a cheap amateur video. Susan and her team do things right. GET ON THE LIST FOR THE NEXT RELEASE.

I will have a review on Susan Bratton’s Steamy Sex Ed in another post soon. 🙂

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