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7 Highly Erotic, Highly Sensual, Highly Stimulating Sex Positions That You Need To Try! {VIDEO}

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Here are some sexy tips from one of The Body House partners – Susan Bratton. {Video Below…}

Susan always has great advice. In this little gem of a guide book she says:

“These 7 Stimulating Sex Positions were designed to help you and your woman stimulate as many erogenous zones and hotspots as possible.”

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Hugging Technique To Create Greater Polarity Between You And Your Lady

hugging technique for men

Hugging Technique To Create Greater Polarity Between You And Your Lady   I’ve often talked about how important it is to honor the polarities between yourself and your lady. When you do, your sex life can’t help but heat up… fast. Increasing the magnetism between the masculine and feminine is critical to a passionate, intimate…
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Sex and Relationship Advice From a Woman (VIDEO)

Relationship Advice from a Woman Are you completely confounded by women? Do you never seem to be able to please us? HELP is HERE!! For a complete step by step program on what you can do to change your relationship with women check out by Susan Bratton.  Here’s an introduction to Susan giving us a…
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