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Hugging Technique To Create Greater Polarity Between You And Your Lady

hugging technique for men

Hugging Technique To Create Greater Polarity Between You And Your Lady


In The Relater’s Manual –  I talk about how important it is to honor the polarities between yourself and your lady.

When you do, your sex life can’t help but heat up… fast.

Increasing the magnetism between the masculine and feminine is critical to a passionate, intimate relationship.


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Marriages or long term relationships which have become platonic, need to emphasize the gender polarities to keep the masculine/feminine fire alive.


So how do you do that, I hear you asking?

Here’s a very simple and amazingly effective hugging technique….

First, it’s critical to understand how much a woman wants to be desired by men. She wants to feel desirable.


The Two Most Primal Female Sexual Triggers are:

Making her feel sexually irresistible and adored. [Find out MORE HERE]

These two fundamental emotional/psychological triggers are what a woman needs to feel attracted to a man and want to have sex with him.


So here’s the hugging technique…

One of the most frequently asked questions from women to a sex expert is this:

 “How do I get my man to be more dominant in the bedroom?”

Well, it all starts with a hug…

Press against her and hold her tight. Let her melt into your arms.

Be solid. She must know she’s safe with you.

Hold her tight, with both of your arms wrapped around her. Securely, but without force.

Pull her close, torso to torso, heart to heart and hold…

Hold her tightly enough so that when she relaxes, she can feel that you will let her move without letting go. If you know what I mean. It’s about making her feel safe.

Don’t let go. Ask her to fully relax in your arms.

Then make sure she knows you won’t let her go until SHE wants you to let go.

Tell her how much it means to you to have her in your life. Tell her whatever is the truth for you.

Keep a medium and constant amount of pressure on her everywhere your bodies are touching.

Encourage her to feel you holding her.

As she relaxes, just keep holding her.

Ask her to relax and just let it all go.

Remind her that you have her completely.

And no matter what, do not ease up on the hug until SHE asks you to.


Here’s why this simple hugging technique is SO powerful:

A great hug can be great foreplay. A hug that turns into a sexual experience may NEVER have happened between you before, but that’s okay.

Remember: Now’s the time.

It’s never too late to stir up passion and deepen intimacy between you and your lady.

With most hugs, as soon as she relaxes, he takes it as a sign to let go…. but DON’T!

Instead, just let her melt into your arms. Fill your thoughts with love and affection for her.

Try matching your breath with hers. Set the pace of the breathing so as her breath slows down your hearts beat as one.


Listen to an audio from Susan Bratton [sex and relationship expert] on the Gender Polarities and how to increase your masculine energy as a man.


That’s super hot and totally masculine. Yum.  {The Power of Surrender…}

Thank you for reading. Have a very sensual day. Dyann xoxo

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