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The Kink Experiment Report #4 Feb. 3rd – Feb. 16th 2019

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OK… so in this #4 Report of The Kink Experiment I didn’t have the few very long calls like I did in the weeks before. There were a couple hour long and one 90+ minute call in the last report.

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However, I’ve learned several very important things about men and the Niteflirt platform.


First of all, Niteflirt is an old platform with many glitches. So many in fact that I’ve lost count.

Although I would think it’s in the neighborhood of 20 dropped calls and that includes the ones that didn’t actually go through, but clients had attempted to call me.


Niteflirt works on a relay system. So, when a customer calls it goes through their number and bounces to yours. It’s incredibly private for both the provider and customer.

No one sees the phone numbers of anyone involved except the number to Niteflirt.


However, it’s no way to build a business if a quarter to one third of your calls are dropped. On average I get 1-3 calls a day… if that. Sooooo……


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This has forced me to rethink things…

Since I genuinely enjoy working with men and helping them understand women better, I want to keep doing phone work.


The calls about women or some aspect of a man’s life are the types of conversations I find most enjoyable and rewarding.

So, I don’t know how much longer the NiteFlirt thing will last. <— July/2022 still on NF!


Although, Niteflirt has a digital section for selling photos, video and text based items.

I’m sure I’ll leave my account open just for that alone. Even if the phone system leaves a lot to be desired.

So I’m not giving up on The Kink Experiment 2019 just yet.

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…


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