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TEDTalk Presenter- Juno Max – Says Sex Work Should Be Decriminalized

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As many of you know, The Body House is committed to bringing you information which helps men relate to women better.

So, I’m constantly on the look out for sources of info to share. Today I have a doozy.


Introducing Juno Max

It’s a TEDTalk by a woman in the sex industry. The clip is about 20 minutes long. It’s some of the best 20 minutes on WHY sex work should be decriminalized (here in the US and around the world) that I have ever heard.

She begins by discusses how she got into the business. Juno was working two dead end, low paying jobs. She cashed the checks that barely filled her overdraft. Then she did it all over again the next month. She was exhausted and miserable about her life.

That’s when she decided to get into sex work.

Part Of A SWARM…

Juno Mac is also an activist based in London who works closely with the Sex Work Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM),

SWARM is a collective of sex workers whose mission is to advocate for full decriminalization of sex work everywhere around the world.

At the same time, they want better legislation put in place to help law enforcement catch perpetrators of sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking is devastating and extremely difficult to get out of for those who have been trapped in it.

SWARM is strongly against trafficking and greatly for consensual sex work between adults.

SWARM campaigns for better working conditions for sex providers and offers educational resources for sex workers in the United Kingdom.

If you are a supporter of erotic providers and believe that sex work should not just be legalized, but completely decriminalized, listening to Juno Max in this talk is a must.

Besides gentlemen, she’s a tall, statuesque brunette. There’s a lot to look at while you listen. 😉


Thank you for reading.

Have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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