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Sex With Robots: Making Women Obsolete? {UPDATED & VIDEOS}

Here’s a video about robots which are being developed specifically for sex. That’s sex with men (of course).

The video is an online news source. The Young Turks or TYT Network. They’ve been around for about 15 years and they are the largest online news show in the world.

I mention this because we are big fans of the show and if they are talking about it… it’s because lots of people are talking about it.


Can Men Be Any Shallower?

Really guys…. is this where we’re headed?

It’s baffling that men can be sexually turned on by someone or something (an escort or robot) that is completely uninterested in them.

Women need to believe or at least be convinced that a man finds her attractive before she can get turned on.

Men don’t seem to care about that so much. As long as he finds her, or in this case “it” attractive, he’s good to go.


The human male is a strange breed of mammal.


Not Mainstream… Yet.

If nothing else, the price could be the thing that is keeping fem-bots out of the mainstream buying market.

One of these sex robots costs approximately $5000 to $7000 depending on which company you buy it from and where that company is located.


These sexy dolls are sold all over the world and usually under strict anonymity, practiced by both the customer and company. They go to great lengths to secure very private funding for these sex machines.

Apparently, men would rather have the security of a soulless automated fantasy girl than run the risk of rejection, disappointment, misunderstanding… you name it.


What do you think? Will these sexy female robots make real women obsolete?



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