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The Founder Of The ‘Sybian’ Sex Machine Has Died At The Age Of 90

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LAS VEGAS — Dave Lampert, founder of the Sybian sex machine, has passed away at the age of 90.


***Before I go into who Dave Lampert is and what the Sybian sex machine does, I want to share a personal story related to the Sybian…***


I had a client who had been a semi-regular client for a year before he disappeared. When I saw him again, after a 2 year absence, he looked different. More confident and secure. It was nice to see.

He had always struck me as a bit skiddish, but a nice guy nonetheless. I was happy he seemed to have ‘found’ himself.

So I asked what he’d been up to in the last couple of years. He relayed a horrible accident he was in that involved him on his motorbike and a van.

Long story short, he was run over.

If it wasn’t for his helmet his skull would have been crushed. His pelvis and both legs had been broken in multiple places.

He walked around for months with a walker after many weeks in physical therapy and a lengthy hospital stay.

What he had gone through should have put him in a wheelchair or 6 feet under.


To see him standing in front of me was truly a miracle!  sybian, masturbation machine, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3


I had to ask this question, “Since you came so close to not making it how has it changed your outlook on life?”

His answer can be summed up by saying he didn’t have much fear anymore.

The things he used to worry about previously didn’t bother him. I could physically see that in him too.

So when left the session that day he asked me something I wasn’t expecting.

He asked, “Do you know what a Sybian is?”

I responded, “I said no. Is it a breed of dog?” <— I Really didn’t know what the Sybian was.

He laughed and said, “No. It’s a masturbation machine.”

He went on to say it would be fun to explore together what the Sybian could do for me. I politely turned him down.

I don’t think he would have had the confidence to suggest the Sybian adventure to me if it wasn’t for his accident. God bless him wherever he is now.

Back to Dave Lampert the founder of the Sybian….  sybian, masturbation machine, dave lampert, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3


In 1979, Lampert had the idea for the Sybian and production began in 1987.


He was dedicated to the sexual health of both women and men.

So, in 1998, he ventured into the male sex machine market by adding the Venus for Men to his product line.

According to the company, Lampert always took great pride in the fact that Sybian and Venus for Men were and still are made in the United States.


Today, Lampert’s ideas have grown into a successful family-run business.


According to the company, “Dave’s greatest joy in life was his family. Being able to work side-by-side with them doing something they all love brought him great joy for many years.”

Lampert remained involved in the daily business of his company until his health no longer permitted it.


One of Lampert’s most successful sellers said this about him:

“We lost an icon in our industry,” Laurie Handlers of said. “I want to celebrate his life. Dave is best known for his contribution to the field of sensuality and sexuality for his invention of the Sybian. In my talks with Dave, I found out about the man dedicated to women’s orgasms. Dave felt that women had so much more in them than most ever would experience with their partners. He wanted to give them a chance to experience multiple orgasms by riding his machine. Dave wanted them to be free to experience as many as they wanted. He also wanted them to be in control.”


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