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GENEVIEVE: DRIVING TO FREEDOM – Original Erotic Story by Dyann Bridges

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This is a short story and part of a series featuring Genevieve, a pretty, petite French ex-pat and journalist and her husband; a former pro athlete turned dark shaman. Driving to freedom is her only hope of saving her life.


This was the last time. Her plans to leave her husband were set. He wouldn’t let her leave peacefully. Nope. Outta the question.




Genevieve moaned, grabbed his ass and pulled him inside her a little farther. She was hoping against hope he wouldn’t sense her disconnection from him. Daniel was extremely sensitive to energy. He could almost read thoughts.

Daniel was a master shaman, former pro athlete and all ’round bad ass. Genevieve knew she was risking her sanity, if not her life, to leave him. There could be no other way though; not with Daniel.




It was Daniel’s mother, the good Catholic girl, with a penchant for the Occult, who inducted her only boy into the practice. In typical Dalton fashion, her youngest and favored child, devoured the satanic information and excelled at the rituals.

In short, Daniel Dalton got shit done.




Daniel’s round butt bounced as he pumped his cock smoothly in and out of his wife’s vagina. Genevieve had to admit that the sex had always been good. Always. Daniel was a commanding and generous lover who’d given her countless shrieking, knee shaking orgasms during their 9 year marriage.

He’d also made her pay in the form of mysterious stabbing pains when he became enraged with jealousy. When she had to work late following up on a news story, Dan would accuse her of cheating. Her denials were met with a sudden pain in her head or groin to the point of nearly blacking out.

Daniel never touched her though. He didn’t have to.

Sometimes she’d find Daniel hovering at the newspaper’s reception area. He’d scan the open room of journalists working away at their desks. He was reading energy. Watching the lines of frequencies connecting people in the office. Most were the usual kind. White or off white lines that ran mostly from head to head. Common for co-workers.

What Daniel was looking for was different and distinctive.

This line would be red, sit low in the belly and emanate toward his sweet, dark haired beauty of a wife. This would indicate not just sexual interest, but real contact. Dan knew the signs.

He was sure he’d see this from one of the younger, hunky male reporters. Of course, he didn’t. Genevieve had never cheated. But it didn’t stop Daniel from feeding the green-eyed monster.

This last incident was the final straw though.



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She was reporting live from a high school where a teacher and a student had fought. The student pulled a knife and stabbed the teacher. He was in critical condition and they were unsure if he’d live or not. The whole town was in an uproar as to how this could have happened.

If she nailed it, she’d have a shot at getting a job behind the anchor desk. Genevieve was determined to handle this story like a seasoned pro.

Then Daniel showed up.

Daniel hovered around the back of the camera man. He made sure he was in Genevieve’s line of sight.

During the live broadcast, she felt sick to her stomach, light headed and confused. She fought hard to stay focused and managed to look professional, but she was exhausted. The cameraman suspected Daniel of interfering somehow and reported him to the producer.

Genevieve nearly lost her job over that.

‘Never again. Never again will I allow this demented warlock of a husband to mess with me or my life.’




They kissed deeply, touching tongues, as Daniel’s long, thick shaft glided in and out of Genevieve. She grabbed at it with the walls of her pussy as he rocked. She gently scratched the flesh on his thick, V-shaped back with her medium length nails.

They’d fucked so many times this last decade. It was warm and familiar.

I’m not going to miss a minute of this, Genevieve thought in spite.

In the next moment, Daniel pulled backed, gazed into her eyes and said, “Isn’t it great that marriage is forever?”

What? She thought as she looked up at him and watched a horrible grin stretch across his face.

Genevieve shuddered. No. He can’t know. He can’t.

She’d taken every precaution she’d learned on how to prevent Occult level mind penetration.

He couldn’t know. Could he?

Daniel’s grin got wider and he pumped faster. Genevieve felt his cock swell inside of her. He was close to climaxing. She braced herself for the onslaught of energy Daniel would release onto her as he peaked.

In the next moment, Daniel groaned heavily and shook while he spurt his essence inside his wife. Genevieve’s skin prickled with the energy as it swooped over her. Tonight, it seemed Daniel’s sexual energy was super charged.

She felt Daniel’s manhood shrink as he slowly removed himself from within her and headed to the bathroom. Genevieve lay trying to think of the next move in her plan without actually thinking about it. The mind protection defense had holes.

She would leave extra early the next morning. Instead of going to the same media outlet she’d been arriving at for the last three years, she’d head north. She had asked for a transfer four months ago. It was granted. She hadn’t told Daniel.

This was it.

If he showed up at the office demanding to know where she was, Genevieve had been told security would take care of him. If it escalated they had no trouble calling in law enforcement. They were fed up with Daniel, too.

Dan climbed back into bed, scooched his spent dick against his wife’s smooth, pale bottom and spooned til they fell asleep.




The next morning, Genevieve left as quietly as she could. She had an excuse to tell Daniel just in case he awoke and inquired about her early departure. As she placed her hand on the door knob, she stifled a yelp and yanked her hand back.

It felt as if she had placed her hand on a hot element.

What the fuck was that? She thought as she inspected the ordinary doorknob.

Just then she heard Daniel’s voice from behind her say, “Whatcha doing GiGi?”

Genevieve turned. Daniel stood there with his arms crossed, tendons bulging like a furious parent. He’d used the nickname she hated. He was making a point.

Somehow, he’d energized the doorknob before she got to it. Genevieve had been living with a master shaman for ten years. She knew he had powers and knew he had limitations. She just didn’t know exactly where those boundaries were.

As Genevieve stood there wondering what to do next, she felt a dark, heavy energy descend upon her. Her arms hung at her sides as if filled with lead. Her feet felt like cement.

What’s happening? OMG! What’s he doing? Genevieve pondered in desperation.

Daniel slowly moved his way toward his wife and growled, “Genevieve’s been naughty. And naughty girls need to be dealt with. Come, come naughty girl.”

Daniel wrapped his arms around Genevieve’s petite, helpless body and carried her to the bedroom.

Genevieve screamed, “Daniel what are you doing?! I can’t move my arms!”


He threw her onto the bed like a bag of sand and proceeded to undress her. Daniel stripped his wife naked. He let her lay there, struggling to move her arms and legs, while he removed his t-shirt and boxers.

Daniel stood at the foot of his bed with a hard on. He climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms under Genevieve’s knees and pulled her dead legs apart. He slid in, face first and gave his wife’s defenseless vagina several long, wet, commanding licks. Then he pulled back and directed his stiff cock toward Genevieve’s primed and lubricated entrance.

As Daniel pumped on top of her, Genevieve kept struggling to move her arms and legs. Daniel’s stroking increased. He was closing in on an orgasm. The closer he got, the freer her limbs became.

As subtly as she dared, Genevieve hunted around for her jeans. Daniel had piled her clothes up next to her on their queen bed. A finger tip landed on the edge of denim. She pulled her jeans toward her and groped for her pocket knife. Got it!

Genevieve waited. She wanted to time her attack. As Daniel began to groan his ecstasy, Genevieve flipped up the blade and jammed it into his side. She had aimed right between the base of his rib cage and the top of his hip.

Daniel twitched and gagged even while he pumped for several moments. He grabbed at his side, now spurting blood; letting out the growl of a shocked and wounded animal.

Now fully mobile, Genevieve scrambled to get out from underneath Daniel, get her clothes on and get the hell out of there!

This time the doorknob was room temperature. She swung it open and ran for her car. She was able to start it and spin her way out of the driveway before she heard Daniel scream a garbled threat.

Genevieve headed toward her new life up north.


It’s true she will more than likely have a visit from the cops. However, she’d been collecting evidence. Daniel had left a long trail of abuse in their marriage. She’d saved time stamped video and pictures along with the names of several people who could vouch for her and against Daniel.

With her adrenaline rushing at full blast, Genevieve took a deep breath. She stared into the dawning sun.

Genevieve thought, Well, that’s a heck of a news story, as she drove to freedom.

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