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The Kink Experiment Report #5 – Feb. 17th to Feb. 23rd/2019

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The Kink Experiment Report #5 – Feb. 17th to Feb. 23rd

OK.. well this week with the kink went OK… Calls are sporadic and still dropped fairly often by the Niteflirt platform, but it’s still worth staying on it.

I’m starting to see how this will turn into a phone consultation business exclusively for men.


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I really like talking to these guys. I feel like I’m helping them. Men want a navigator who they are not intimately involved with.

Men like getting the input of an older woman who’s been around.

I’m also learning too just how many men have very similar, very private and very intimate urges.


Your Private Confidante & Coach…


There have been a number of men calling who have wanted to confess that they are gay.

Men who are just beginning to “come out of the closet” and want to “come clean” with someone they don’t know and have the be told that it’s Okay…

Who better to do that than a compassionate older woman?


I’m also learning that straight men love to dress up in women’s clothing….


and NO…. they do not have gay fantasies. NO they are not transgendered.

They are full on heterosexual men who like to wear some aspect of women’s clothing because it actually relieves stress and tension. 


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I was chatting with a young man in his late twenties who had been married for 2 years.

He sometimes wore ladies clothing.

Not dresses, but maybe a ladies shirt and shorts.


He wife did not know.


He wondered if that was weird. I said no. This kink is actually quite common.

I asked about the type of fantasies he has.

He talked about how much he loves the thought of a woman dominating him.

Again…. very, very common among heterosexual men. It’s a stress reliever.


He didn’t want to feel like he was hiding anything from his wife and he didn’t want an affair. However, he wasn’t sure his wife would be open to any of this.


I suggested he start with asking her what she thought of BDSM and if she might engage in that fantasy with him.


I suggested he do it as gently as possible and don’t make it sound like a deal breaker or put pressure on her.

Then see how she responds. He didn’t have to tell her about the ladies clothing at that point.

So, that’s how we left it. That was his “assignment”.


Men WANT this.

They want to have a woman give them some type of direction and give them an assignment that they can report in on next week seems to help focus them and calm them. Or someone to discuss their latest kink with.


So, we’ll see how this young man does with his wife…

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…

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