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A Native American Woman’s Perspective On Being A Straight, White, Rich Guy…

woman's perspective on straight white rich men

As many of you guys know… I do a lot of research on the internet looking for topics surrounding relationships.

Most specifically for the theme of The Body House: An internet mancave from a woman’s perspective.

I want to offer you guys some insight into the female mind and how you can relate better to us.

So in that vein, I came across a story about a young woman in the sex trade on

It’s HER story, so I will not recount all of it here. Below is a short excerpt and then the link takes you to the original article. I found it to be not only poignant, but personal and revelatory about the male gender.

Here is this woman’s perspective… It’s entitled:

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being [A Straight, Rich, White Man]


“My sex work is sharing a small piece of my authentic self over dinner. When the plates are cleared, they hand me cash and feel a little less empty.”

“In the past few years I’ve probably been on over 100 dates in Portland, many of those with different men. And almost without exception these men were white, straight, cis and wealthy — in part because that’s who can afford to date me.

It costs between $200-$800 to take me to dinner, depending on how much extra I need to pay my bills in my basic apartment, in my not super great neighborhood across the river in Vancouver, WA.

I’m not particularly good looking by conventional beauty standards. I’m an Old Navy size 12, my nose is far too big for my face and my nostrils are reallycrooked. My hair is natural — plain and brown.

I chew my nails down to the quick. When I go out, I wear makeup, but I don’t do my hair. I don’t wear dresses or heels. I show up in leggings and a shirt that is too long and loose to be revealing. I’m no bombshell.

Saying this isn’t to deny the privileges that come from looking like I do — it’s to paint a picture of who exactly is able to charge money for a date in a city filled with easily offended cis het white men.

Looks-wise, I could really be anybody.

But I’ve got a commodity highly privileged men in this country want so badly, they’ll pay good money to get ahold of it. I’m not talking about sex. Lots of people think what patrons of sex work value has to do with conventional attractiveness or the more elusive “sex appeal.”

And it certainly looks that way in the movies.”

Continue to read the rest of this woman’s perspective HERE…

Enjoy the read gentlemen… our world is changing…


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