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“Amber Eyes – The Pretty Lady Next Door ” – Short Sensual Role Play Narrated by Dyann Bridges

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Amber Eyes – The Pretty Lady Next Door

A Short Sensual Role Play Narrated by Dyann Bridges


Transcript for this Sensual role play Below Video…



TRANSCRIPT  –  Amber Eyes – The Pretty Lady Next Door  – Short Sensual Role Play Narrated by Dyann Bridges


You hurried down the steps, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, yet again this morning… and there she is…

The pretty lady who moved into the apartment building next door. Once again, she’s dressed nicely, sharp business sharp. She’s wearing heels and carrying a larger bag in her purse. Today, she seems like she’s in a bit of a hurry.

You’d been wondering how to get her attention for the last month, and then today, it’s like the relationship Gods look down upon you and smile.

The pretty apartment lady tripped on the cement and took a header.


Her bag spilled open. She gasped and lay there for a moment, not quite realizing what had just happened. You ran over to her rescue and offered to help her up and gathered her things back into her bag and made sure that she was steady.

She looked at you and smiled that beautiful, bright smile.

Now that you’ve seen her up close, her face looked even more beautiful. Flushed; partly from embarrassment, partly from the morning work out she finished 45 minutes earlier.

Her eyes were a soft amber color. You were mesmerized by those eyes. You held your composure and said, “Are you okay?”

She nodded and smiled again. She thanked you and made a move for her car. You made an impromptu offer of getting her a bandage, letting her know that you had a small stash up in your apartment in the building next door.

You also mentioned you have coffee, a whole stash.

She thanked you once again and said, ‘Maybe’ to the coffee and flashed you that ultra bright smile that made those Amber eyes… glow.

Then she drove off to work and you stood in the middle of the street and waved at her, hoping that she’d catch you in her rear view mirror and she did. She waved back.

You went back to your apartment, feeling very good about yourself; trying hard not to fantasize about her already.

You showered and changed and went to work feeling good and with a smile on your face; cheering everyone up around you all day long… thinking of those pretty amber eyes.



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