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Men, Women, Relationships & Human Experience: The Great Equalizer

Human Experience

Men, Women & Human Experience:

The Great Equalizer

Hello Gentlemen;

Some of you know my philosophy about men and women. Here is an example… The Body House.

My Philosophy In a Nutshell:

Men and women must honor each other as a man or a woman FIRST, before the individual aspects of the relationship can be addressed and ultimately improved.

I say this not because of my many years of marriage.

I say this as a woman who’s really turned on by men and have had my struggles relating to them.

So, I thought it important to mention there is another level of relating… that of being human.

Human Beings – Human Experience

A simple acknowledgment that we are all human will go a long way with the women you interact with.

When you acknowledge the humanity of women, you understand that no one is 100% what you want them to be 100% of the time.

Sounds simple enough, but we know it’s not. Right?

Isn’t it that point in our perception where things go wrong though?

Isn’t that point where most of the stress in our lives is created?

It’s that point where life doesn’t go the way you think it should be going.

That’s where the trouble really starts. Right?

I know it’s not easy, but that’s where we need to focus our attention.

Change Your Perspective

What it means in terms of relationships is a change of perspective towards women.

Men need to take a long hard look at their deep seeded objectification of women.

For many men, the idea that women are less than and here for a man’s pleasure (or should be) gets in early and deep.

How else can violence toward women occur? Often times these awful acts are inflicted by men who profess to love these women.

These events (here and around the world) are a direct result of objectified thinking.

The idea of ownership. It’s time to get over it.

When you see women as a series of body parts which exist for your pleasure, that becomes the foundation for acts of insolence great and small.

Connect to Humanity – Improve Your Relationships

If we can cultivate the perspective that no human being is lesser or greater than ourselves or anyone else…

Your relationships with women will get better. A lot better.

Just try it. Look around and see people (especially women) as part of the collective humanity.

See them, as no better or worse than you are.

It may be more difficult than you think. Or maybe not.

Either way, your relationship with women is sure to improve.

Seeing women as independent human beings first, with their own thoughts, desires, preferences and life path… will go a long way to having better relationships with them.

After all, Life is a human experience for every person.

I wish you much love and respect in your life. :0

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