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“Oh, Let’s Just Call Me John…” – Being A John Is No Good For Anyone

just call me john

“Oh, Let’s Just Call Me John…”

– Being A John Is No Good For Anyone

Hello Gentlemen;

I want to tell you about a little story that is all too common in the body rub business.

A few weeks ago a new client called up. He sounded nice enough, intelligent and so we booked the appointment.

However, there were a few hitches along the way.

The Hitches

First of all, it sounded like he had called me while he was driving.

I’ve come to understand this as a bad sign.

Calling me while you’re driving is a bad sign because it’s dangerous.

Second, it’s just plain disrespectful. It’s disrespectful, to me, to the other drivers on the road and to the caller themselves.

So, although I decided to book the appointment, I was concerned.

The biggest trouble sign came in the middle of booking the appointment.

When I asked for his name he said, “Oh, let’s just call me John.”

“Call Me John…”

Let’s get this straight… It’s my location. My rules.

I don’t care what you’re real name is.

However, since I’m the one taking the biggest risk (you guys are fine) don’t play coy and start playing games.

So, in response to this silly remark I said, “Well, you can call me Dyann, but that’s not my real name either.”

He was definitely taken aback.

I explained, “I want my clients to understand this is about business and not anything personal.”

He then proceeded to whine and ask, “Did I say something wrong? Ah, are we Okay?”

I said, “Yea, we’re fine.”

I went on to explain… that I honestly don’t care what name he gives me. I know that some of the guys give me false names. That’s fine.

We have to call each other something, right?

Problems occur when you guys use names (or anything else) to try and control the situation or exert your sense of superiority.

Why don’t some guys ever get tired of that?

Stop The Superiority

I know I can be a bit harsh.

However, I’ve found many men seem to think women who perform erotic work are looking for something personal… like boyfriends or sugar daddies or whatever.

I wrote about it HERE.

Even though we set the appointment I had a very strong feeling he wasn’t going to show up. He didn’t.

He even texted to say he’d received the directions and that he was on his way.

I gotta ask… What did his silly stunt prove?

When you guys do stuff like this you just make yourselves look bad.

And…. your gender.

Do men really think that pulling a no show with a bodyrub provider is.. tough or strong?

Like you’re gonna teach her a lesson? Really?

If this client really didn’t like me confronting him on his game playing why not just cancel on the phone?

You’re Only Hurting Yourselves

When you pull a no show because you didn’t like something the provider said or how she said it, that just makes you look like a jerk.

It chips away at your integrity. It chips away at your reputation and the reputation of your gender.

It has nothing to do with me.

What’s worse… you solidify the jerk reputation so many other men have earned.

Unfortunately, this “John” (and those like him) made it just a little tougher for other (good) men to book appointments.

And not just with me…. with any woman in the bodywork industry.

Respect The John 

So, I say this to all the “Johns” out there…

Stop trying to demonstrate your dominance over women by pulling no shows over small stuff.

You’re not teaching anyone a lesson…

You are in fact, compromising yourselves when you play games and pull no shows.

Remember, the women you call for a sensual massage are solo entrepreneurs.

They are doing business with you.

Please don’t add to the low level behavior and attitudes of men toward women.

It serves nothing and nobody.

You’ll be doing yourself and your fellow bros a big favor. In the end, a little respect goes a long way.

Thank you & Have a Sensual Day, Dyann xoxo


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