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Being A Sex Worker Is Not What You Think It Is

Seriously Speaking: Being A Sex Worker Is Not What You Think…


sex workerI’ve come across an article I believe is important to post here.

It describes vividly how real sex workers feel about their work and busts a bad stereotype that limits and disempowers women in the sex trade and women in general.

The stereotype is this –> A troubled young woman is forced to turn to prostitution to make ends meet and winds up getting hooked on drugs to relieve the pain of her life.

Blah blah, blah…


Movies and novels have glorified characters like this. Yet, the women who are desperate and on drugs make up only a very small part of the sex work industry.

There are many sex workers who do not use drugs or alcohol (or at least just in small amounts) who think this view is unfair. Even the sex workers who actually do use drugs believe this is an unfair view as well.

Why is this?


Sex workers believe that when people think hookers must all be on drugs to numb the pain of their lives it diminishes who they are, disempowers them and limits their options. And they are right.

I can tell you there is much truth in this. This perspective is a judgement and it’s false and damaging. For both sides.

It’s a good article which offers quotes from real sex workers from around the industry.

There are bodyrub providers, escorts, strippers, dominatrixes and fetish providers who are interviewed. These are not passive victims without a voice. They don’t need our pity or forgiveness for using drugs, being damaged or needing help.


Many say enough with the ‘drug stigma and whore-phobia intersection.’


In my opinion, this negative point of view toward sex workers continues to foster a sense of objectification toward women. Especially if they are seen as sexy and use their sex appeal to make their way in life.

They don’t need our pity, sympathy, shame or guilt for any of it.

Let sex workers do what they do. It’s men that create the vacuum these ladies so erotically fill.

Below is a video of exactly what we’re talking about in this article.



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