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This Might Be One Of The Most Important Social Media Posts You Read All Year…

one of the most important social media posts reddit


If you are a sex worker or a client of sex workers or anyone who cares about sex workers… I’ve found a post on Reddit that was extremely enlightening. It Just Might Be One Of The Most Important Social Media Posts You’ll Read This Year… seriously.

I’ve reposted the original below with just a few spelling corrections. I’ve added some reference links in {brackets} for clarity.

Find the original on Reddit HERE.

Find The Follow Up (The Other Most Important Social Media Post You’ll Read) Here.

The TRUE story of…


yesbackpage/bedpage/ebackpage/afterdarkads and all the BP replacement pop ups written by an insider…

This is not an ad… I am responding to about 50 emails I got from a lot of sex workers all over the country. 2 suggested I post the answers here. A LOT of sex workers lost money, been ripped off, ads deleted, and more… I am only trying to let them know what happened… I removed any actual links to sites. This is just for sex worker information and reference.

There are so many rumors and so much misinformation out there regarding all the backpage popup sites… I think its time that someone tell everyone what is REALLY going on.



First, who am I and how do I know all this. I worked for backpage, I started with the Village Voice, and long story short,  ended up working in the alternative payment section. Then I left to form my own company, and have since been involved with several startups, including yesbackpage, bedpage, ebackpage and afterdarkads.

In 2011, when I strarted with backpage, craigslist was still king. a $5 ad could get an escort a shit ton of calls, and you needed not much else. was still up, and really only higher end girls and agency’s were on eros.



When craigslist shut down, traffic to BP jumped 10,000%… it was nuts. we lost servers, it was insane. Before this it cost an average of .25 cents to post. within a week we were at $3 in most cities.



Soon after the state AG’s (we called them the gang of 11) turned attention to us. There was 11 states Attorney Generals seeking to shut us down, like they basically did craigslist. **{ my note – in 2011 the California Attorney Generals were Jerry Brown and later in the year, Kamala Harris. Backpage Headquarters were in California at that time}**


Well our bosses, Dan Hyer, and ultimately Carl Ferrer, decided to fight. They were real 1st amendment libertarian types… and frankly I agree with them. I think there might of been better ways… but the REAL top guys Michael Lacey and James Larkin were fighters. <—**{Their trial against the feds is set for 2020}**

IN the end this put us on the skyline, and led by Tom Dart, a sheriff in Chicago, they ended up getting the credit card processing shut down.


That’s when my work really started.


We went through and picked a lot of accounts that we “trusted” and had spent a lot with us… we secured credit card processing through dummy accounts, and let those specific accounts still pay through them… but between charge-backs, and people turning us in on those accounts… we would lose almost as much as we made. Hiding the accounts was really pushing legal limits… and eventually we ran out of ways to get new accounts. They couldn’t handle the volume.


Me and another fella I’ll call “T” devised the idea to accept bitcoin.

It was a slow start, and teaching sex workers how to use bitcoin was tough… but it took off.


Then came backpagecredits. A strip club owner from Myrtle Beach heard about all this and built a website called <–{now defunct??} he allowed people to buy bitcoin from him with a credit card… and the site would automatically put the bitcoin in your backpage account. This was HUGE, and we all did millions in business… it kinda saved the site…

Siddiq The Fucking Freak…

Then April 2018 came… the feds seized backpage, and that was that. We were all out of work, lot of people were going to jail. The strip club guy sold off his end of the site and went to prison for other stuff…


Well I had moved overseas, so I was not subject to US law. I contacted a programmer I knew in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A real shitbag named Siddiq Khan. I did not know what a criminal POS he was then… anyway, I asked him to set up a new site, a clone of backpage. He did it. it took a few weeks, but he showed me “” ( redirects to it) **{NEVER use They are scammers}**


Our agreement was we would split it all 50/50, I knew he had worked on the programming side at backpage for a bit, and was interested in doing something together. I trusted him (mistake)

I then contacted the new guys that owned backpagecredits, and brought them on as a payment processor…

We then contacted ALL the old BPC customers, told them about the new site… and BOOM… it was online and running.


I worked hard to market it… I hired Risa Jenner from Vegas to help… it was all solid and good stuff. We gave away over $250k to old customers of backpage that lost a lot of money when it was shut down. As well, we gave a lot to charity and tried to help the sex workers in the industry. We thought we were doing good work for sex workers.


The Slime Continues…

Now while I was doing all this… what I didn’t know was Siddiq had also built ebackapge, ibackpage, onebackpage, and I don’t know how many other clone sites… and every time there was a new customer on YBP, he was copying the act over to the other sites… he was taking ALL the money from the other sites… real scummy shit.


He used us to grow them… stealing everything and doing a lot of shitty stuff to customers (more about that below) didn’t exist yet… was in its infancy and had not taken off… and that alligator site from Australia was too busy bashing everyone else online to promote themselves.



Siddiq had worked with bedpage back in the day, bedpage was a site that just knew that backpage was not gonna last forever, they actually opened long before backapge was closed… I still think it was a few other backpage employees that started it..that’s how he knew all the ins and outs of these style sites… but he was fired. After talking to them, I guess Siddiq got caught fucking another dude in the break room closet… they really don’t like homosexuals over there, so they kicked him out. That’s when he contacted me about starting our own site. He needed help marketing.


Anyway… he was with bedpage, now he’s got all these other sites, and I don’t know about ANY of it… the only site I knew he was affiliated with was yesbackpage and me.

SO yesbackpage starts doing really good. I am spending a LOT of money marketing… and we get it to be the top result in google for sex workers to post on… people are starting to book a lot of calls… things are good…


Commit To End The Freak

Then Siddiq finds out that he can make a lot of money posting fake ads… and directing traffic to sites like Ashley Madison or cam sites.

I told him this was a bad idea… that if he does this… it makes the REAL customers spend more money to compete… thats screwing them…

He does not care, and tells me to fuck off… he will do what he wants.



We argue… it is half my site after all… and one day I wake up, and I am locked out… I can’t log into the admin panel… backpagecredits is all screwed up ( he destroyed the code), and he stole the email that we used to run the twitter account. He starts posting BS on twitter about ex employees… its a total mess.



So I left again, and I am done with the industry. I am living back in the states for now, and running a t-shirt company and some other ecommerce sites online… doing well… recently a few people found me that are starting a new site. They are a group of former sex workers from Charlotte and Dallas… GOOD people. They started “afterdarkads”. I am working with them as a consultant and helping get them going. Risa is done with it all… I think she’s working with a strip club in Vegas now.


Anyhow… here is the truth about how all these sites came to be.

Bedpage really DID give out a “god” password to a lot of law enforcement agencies… I talked to a girl in Texas that actually was arrested, and they logged right into the account in front of her. Siddiq told me about it, I know its true.


Are We Safe Now?

A few of the other sites like ebackpage and onebackpage siddiq sold to other spammers in Bangledesh… they are all over india and Dhaka. He has NOTHING to do with so there is that.


All the while, you are paying to post your ads and keep them visible, (bump your ads and repost) Siddiq is posting his own ads for free… they use YOU to bring in traffic to the site, but then redirect the customers off to Ashley Madison or other sites so they can make money. Right now they get $150 for every sign up… if they post 100 ads, they will get a hundred sign ups… its unreal… meanwhile REAL sex workers are paying to post ads like crazy so their own ads are visible.



That’s why I liked working with afterdarkads, they at least will not allow fake posters. they are real sex workers and they get it… they also made it free to post, only charging for upgrades. They care about sex workers becasue they are sex workers. Same with Tryst they are working hard for the community.


I don’t agree with a lot of their choices… but they are doing a good job.

I honestly think they will be the next to fall. They have become the tallest tree in the storm Eros is pretty much done, those poor fuckers are on the run. Offices raided, moved to Europe.



One thing all sex workers should look for, is the verified feature…bedpage and both have it, but i think bedpage will let anyone get it without any verification…. I know (at least for now) afterdarkads is really “verifying” the girls.


A LOT of customers on bedpage liked this… so hopefully other sites start using it as well. For a few bucks extra they put a green “verified” logo on your ad… they contact you to make sure you are a real poster not a scam or spammer, and if your pics look fake, they contact you and ask for a pic proving it with you holding up a paper with the site name afterdarkads on it. verifiedvixens tried the same thing… but they were charging too much.


Stand Up FOR SWers

I hate that so many sex workers support Siddiq and all his spam sites like yesbackpage and they don’t even know it or what they are doing… he literally rips you all off every time you post.

Go look at your account history.. he has a program that deletes a few dollars from the account every few weeks… just a $1 at a time… this is just to get you to buy more credits more often… and the math on posting?? lol… it does not ad up… the system always adds money to the cost at checkout when posting… all just to fuck you.


Safe Sites…

It is my understanding he sold one of the sites to a group that was trying to do it a little better, but I don’t know for sure. <— **Yeah, I think he sold ibackpage to the owners of bedpage because there is a forced redirect to that site..**

The only SAFE sites I know to post on are,, and escort alligator. I am hearing a LOT of things from my former coworkers at BP… Slixa is supposed to be compromised… but I don’t know that for sure, and frankly don’t want to start MORE rumors… I don’t like the site from a clients perspective much… from a advertisers perspective its ok. They do great marketing.

Tryst is gonna have problems because they are acting like they are in control… telling you what you can’t say in your ads that offends them (everyone so offended these days) like now you can’t refuse to see AA {African American} in your tryst ad. Total bullshit.


We Need Good Ad Platforms is free and they are really serious about keeping fake posters of the site. That is huge to me, same with … they are really committed to verification of every user, although they are far from free… they use a site called to allow payment, and its ok. I like the sites that have simple CC payment better, but the industry is not gonna allow that easy for a long time in the US

Both afterdarkads and tryst and skip the games are all getting AWESOME reviews on and in a few other boards.




is hopefully done… I hope that fucker gets a disease and dies for what he is doing to sex workers. But in the mean time, almost 100% of the ads are all fake. Soon the clients will realize it. If enough of you spread the word…. it will die. Don’t waste your money competing with fake ads!


They are looking to dupe you. Another thing that sucks about what yesbackpage and all the other sites are doing is it scares off clients. These guys are looking for real posts from real sexworkers.

When 99 out of 100 ads are all fake, designed to collect cell numbers it drives away business. Or if it’s set up just to collect emails or direct you to fake cam sites, they stop searching.

I know a LOT of agencies and pimps are all saying business is booming. It’s because sex workers are being FORCED to come back to them to book calls.


Support the sites that support the community guys… not the ones that exploit you and fuck you over.


In the end what I really know about this industry. You need to advertise on as many LEGIT and safe sites as you can. Every ad dollar you spend needs to be an investment that brings a positive return. Be careful posting on sites that charge but screw you over. AND just be careful period. There are a lot of shitty people out there and they love hurting sex workers.

Be safe and be well all!


Now Tell Me That Wasn’t One Of The Most Important Social Media Posts You’ve Read This Year!

Especially if you care about erotic providers…

Gentlemen – YOU make up 90% of the clientele in the erotic industry. It’s part of your duty to protect the ones who serve you.


Thank you for your interest in The Body House..

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