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A FOLLOW UP TO – The Most Important Social Media Post You’ll Read This Year…

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The below social media post was found on Reddit. It is a follow up to the first article this man (Steve) wrote on Reddit addresses many of the concerns around the closing of Backpage in April of 2018.

Steve actually worked as a website developer for Backpage for several years right up to the time their CEO and executive partners were arrested.

Here is the first social media post he wrote…

I have been in touch with Steve by email and he has wholeheartedly supported my reuse of his posts on this blog.

What they have done to Backpage is a small ripple in what is becoming a huge wave of censorship. Be aware and stay united.


Below is Steve’s Reddit post verbatim – Find the original HERE…


Advertising for Escorts Post-Backpage

This is general advice and my opinions They are based on many years of experience. … and to be CLEAR, I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites running today or mentioned here.

I don’t make ANY money from them… I could care less if you take the advice or shit all over it. This is not an advertisement for any one site… It is my opinions based on my experiences in this industry.

I have made a LOT of money in the industry, and made a lot of other people a lot of money. There are good and bad things about every site out there, some I recommend here, others I will shit on, but I make nothing, own nothing, am not affiliated with any of them.

I have often been asked a LOT of questions by people looking for advertising and website help. So, I decided this was the best way to answer all the questions and help the community.

My hope is that you can learn something from this that helps you as you advertise or even better keeps you safe.

So, I worked for Backpage for a long time…


I helped start the bitcoin payment side of the site, I also helped start one of the Backpage replacements. I’ve consulted on 2 other clone site startups, and to top it all off.. As well, I owned an escort agency on the east coast from 2003 to 2011.

I owned my agency with 2 partners, I kinda fell into it. They needed computer help, I was a computer and marketing guy.

SO through all of that I am pretty sure I know a LOT about advertising for sex workers and the industry in general.

For Escorts and sexworkers things are very different in today’s post and SESTA/FOSTA world. These changes and new laws are having serious effects on advertising adult services.

**This includes the changes  being made for adult content on social media platforms**

Here are a list of things to consider: Many of us remember, and Craigslist.

Those were really the only places a SWr needed advertise.

A simple $5 ad on Craiglsist could make an advertisers phone ring for days. A single ad on could fill a schedule for weeks. Then Eros got big, it became as good if not better than quickly, most often attracting the most quality clients.


Our Agency’s used all 3, escorts., eros. and CL. At the time backpage was a shit site we didn’t bother with… there were a FEW other sites we listed links to our own websites on, like or and a few others… more for SEO than anything else… they didn’t bring much.. CL was all we needed. ECCIE was not big at all in our region then, so we never really used them.


Then it all started to change… CL took down the Adult services section. was raided and shuttered.

Backpage became king.

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I remember people paying just .25 cents to post an ad for a week on BP, then just days after CL closed it was $3? Then I had started working for Village Voice by then as a consultant, and was there when CL closed…

I got calls from my partners… usually by 1pm we had booked a few calls in each city (we were in 3) and had taken several dozen calls asking prices… we had booked ZERO that day and taken less than 5 calls…

ALL from our website and google searches… our CL ads had not made phones ring once… they kept testing the phones… they all worked.

Then word came through from my office at BP that CL had pulled the plug… they put a big “CENSORED” label over the adult services tab… a few days later it was gone.

After the smoke cleared, there was only a few places you really needed to be on…,, ECCIE (in certain regions) and Backpage. That was it.

There were a few other sites… and they were more regional… this is 2010/2011 I am talking about…

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The only place an escort REALLY needed to post an ad was Backpage…


If another site popped up, the rule of thumb was simple… if no other SW’s are posting there… don’t bother… its not worth it.

Now lets be honest.. there are advertisers that could make a very nice living and book a lot of calls from just Backpage… and there are the ones that would never could never… These were advertisers that had their own sites, charged upwards of 500/hr and did the fly me to you type stuff…

very few advertisers doing 150h/h calls off backpage have websites… we all know what I am talking about if you have been around at all.


During this time for the most part…

Agency’s in most cities started going out of business…

this was for a few reasons… 1. the yellow pages DIED! Smart phones KILLED the yellow pages. NO ONE USES A PHONE BOOK ANYMORE!! It cost a min of $10k up front to put even a small ad in the yellow pages… the agency’s that could and did had ruled the escort world since the 80’s… if you were a sexworker you worked for an agency because you couldn’t get calls otherwise…(generally speaking).


Suddenly CL and other sites like it made it so ANYone with a cell phone could run their own agency, or even better, go “independent.”

And the indys and the independents and the internet sites like CL and Backpage killed the agency’s.

Clients looked at the math like this… lets say an agency charged $200/hr… the girl was usually getting a 50/50 split, so she took 100. They would then “charge” a tip of an avg of $100… so the girl got 200, the agency 100.. and the guy was out 300… but that same girl could post an ad saying 175/hr with NO upsell… and although yea… she made 25 less… she would book 10 times the calls and not have to split shit… guys wanted to deal direct to save and get more “bang” for their buck.. (pardon the pun).


So the internet was suddenly swamped with independents… at about the same time CL was king and then died… it was a crazy time… suddenly all these independents need a place to advertise, because its back to the agency’s (pimps in a lot of cases) if they can’t get calls… very few were gonna start their own websites, and if they did… how do they drive traffic? Backpage filled the void. ECCIE grew as did a few other sites.

Again, I was working with them by now… and it was retarded.

“Craigslist alternative” was one of the top google searched terms in the WORLD in sept 2010 when CL closed… think about that.


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Of course BP starts charging more… and more… and more. They offered more features.. charging for all of them… and now it was a crazier time… all the other sites are either crap or being shut down. Eros was super expensive, and wanted your DL license and more…

SO BP was king! But we all remember how that went… and come April of 2018.. BP is gone, and then the real shitshow started.,, – the site I helped start with the guys was, then there was some gator site out of Australia,, had a knock off.. DOZENS of sites and I cant remember how many others have popped up and died in the past year…

It’s been insane.

I consulted on for payment systems, and they are doing great. Others are dying. ECCIE is doing better than ever.

And ALL of the rules you thought you knew about advertising are gone.

Since the demise of backpage, there are literally dozens of sites popping up all jockeying to be the next backpage. The truth is… it will never happen. Some will have more success than others, some will fold, some will remain… but the new reality is there are now be dozens of places to advertise.

I helped the girl making verified vixens… she has already shut down for a few months because she is underfunded and can’t market the site right. (she says she will be back… it was a GREAT site)

The rule of thumb was that if you saw a site that you could advertise on, and there was no one else in your city/region… don’t bother. ESPECIALLY if you had to pay…

So now, when you find a new site, and there is just a few ads you figure are fake there… should you ignore it and move on?


NO! Advertising today is a different animal. An advertiser needs to have as many ads up in as many places as possible… and most importantly, needs to think and act like a client.

**This includes being smart about social media posting with adult content**

We here in the industry knew an hour after backpage closed… we were searching for alternatives immediately. There are clients out there that look for an escort maybe 1 time a year on vacation, or the guy that found his regular SW’r on backpage 2 years ago… and now is looking for a new one… they are searching for “backpage alternative” or “backpage replacement” (according to google analytics those are the TOP search terms related to sex work and backpage since April 2018) they are searching craiglslist personals replacement, or “new backpage” …

You need to be on the sites that come up in those results, EVEN IF THERE IS NO ONE ELSE SMART ENOUGH TO POST AN AD THERE!!!


The clients are searching using those terms…and dozens of others, and they are browsing the links they find… and they are not finding you! Why is that? You are not thinking like a client… you found bedpage… saw there was a ton of ads… and figured that if everyone else is posting there… I should as well.

Bedpage used a bot to crawl backpage in the weeks before it closed, and copy/pasted the majority of ads it found to bedpage… MANY advertisers report getting calls and finding their ads posted on bedpage… and they did not create an account or post.

MOST of the ads you are PAYING to compete with are fake… clients know it.. they are moving on from those sites FAST.


Sites like bedpage use to be having lots of success… they had a LOT of posts, and word got around to advertisers fast…



Yes, dedicated sex mongers that search for escorts daily know… and the guys that spend time on the boards and in forums know.. but the MAJORITY of clients are the guys that MIGHT call one or 2 times a year… they have never heard of or the… they are doing something simple… typing in backpage… finding its gone… then going to google, and typing “backpage alternative”.


And here is the next issue, Bedpage, ebackpage, ibackpage, yesbackpage… they all have a similar problem, they attract the WORST customers.

The calls and texts looking for a $50 blow and go all come from sites like them. The guys that DO crawl through the dozens and dozens of fake ads end up just blasting texts to every phone they find (even tho you said no texts in the ad) 3 am msgs that say “hey” or even worse.. “blow me in my car for 50$” after demanding pics to “prove” you are real…


“Advertisers today need to get on as many sites as they can. Get on all of them… ESPECIALLY the ones with hardly any ads.”

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The unfortunate byproduct will be you will get those shitty messages.. part of the price you must pay for being in this industry…

Here is why:

1. Branding…Most of these clients are searching on dozens of sites for an escort… if they see you on, AND on tryst, AND then on eros., then AGAIN when they kick back to, AND then AGAIN when they find … and THEN they FINALLY decide to book.. was it really the ad on slixa that really did it?

Or the fact they saw you every place and it helped him know you are real, not a fake ad? Was it the ease of finding your ad on a site like because they only had to sort through 5 or 6 ads? What was it that made him book?

Do you REALLY think having just ONE ad on bedpage, because that’s where everyone posts is the best idea? It was because he saw you over and over he was BRANDED and eventually booked.

Branding is this...

What do you clean your ears with? NO, not Q-tips… its a cotton swab, you have been branded. What do you blow your nose with? NO, not Kleenex… its a tissue… you are branded.

What’s “The best part of wake-ing up…….? its WHAT in your cup… yea.. its coffee.. but you just said Folgers… BRANDING… get in front of ALL the clients as often as possible… BRAND them to think of you when they think of an escort.

The MAJORITY of clients are searching for an escort or hire escorts just a few times a year… they have never heard of all these sites the way we have… a few years ago 1 ad on one site was all you needed… now escorts need 30 ads on 10 sites. Its the way it is.


2. Simple odds...

there are 20+ new sites online… if you are on just 3 of them.. what are your odds that perfect client looking for a girl/guy just like you finds you? Be on all 20 and your odds are much better.

There are plenty of clients seeking a sex worker or escort that are only finding escort sites like or , etc right now for the first time… and in most cities there are just 1 or 2 ads… the bigger cities a few more… if you posted a free ad on there last week.. that you didn’t even need bump or pay to feature… he WILL find you…

BUT, if you are not there… he will end up moving on, maybe even searching a dozen other sites with barley any posts… maybe give up, search for an agency… go to a strip club book your competition.. who knows. What I DO know is that every time you post an ad on another site… you increase your odds dramatically that you are found.



These clients don’t know all the sites… who knows what site they will end up on. And if you are NOT on the ones they find.. there is 1000% chance they call you.

A great way to booking more is to get a website. There are a lot of VERY inexpensive ways to post one.. many advertisers cant or don’t have the resources or ability’s… be very careful with the services promising escort websites for money.

I am happy to walk you through some easy free steps that can get you on the right path. As well, I will also build a simple free site, just cover the cost. The hosting I recommend will cost you about $10/month, the domain registration and privacy will be about $25 a year, for under $50 I will put a basic site online for you , and show you how to modify it and post to it from your phone.

I want nothing for it… I am happy to help anyone in this industry. Just PM me. Once you have one.. .LIST YOUR ESCORT WEBSITE ON ALL THE ESCORT SITES!


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Another thing to beware of, MANY reports claim that bedpage, aka ebackpage, aka, ibackpage, aka, onebackpage, aka icracker aka yesbackpage (all the same few guys in India and Bangladesh) have all been known to have given access to advertiser accounts to law enforcement resulting in several arrests.


Escorts in NY, TX, and Co all report the same thing, when they were arrested, LE had access to their ad account, showing IP’s they posted from (leading one agency to the actual incall location they also posted ads from) payment methods and more.


Be CAREFUL with what you post… use a VPN…

Do NOT use any payment method that can be connected to you, Tryst has a secure system it looks like and you can use btc or gift cards.

Most of the other sites accepting credit/debit cards are at risk… if you are paying with a CC, GET A GIFT CARD like vanilla visa and pay cash for it… uses a payment site called and allows payment via many ways that hide your identity like gift cards.

Bedpage does something similar but I worry its out of India… but do NOT use your personal amazon acct to buy an amazon card to buy credits from any escort advertisement site. Don’t use your CC to buy a best buy card or target card to get an ad on bedpage.

If a site is asking for you to use a debit credit card, or worse upload an ID as proof of anything, you are taking a HUGE risk. eventually a lot of these sites are gonna get raided or closed or hacked…

( I see rumors yesbackpage just got hacked by one of the owners – Siddiq’s – little jerkoff programmers thieves… lol) whatever info they have stored is all sitting there waiting to be exploited. BE CAREFUL!



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If you can’t, get a burner smart phone from Walmart through straight talk..

DO NOT sign into your personal FB on that phone, or your reg email… you want that phone and everything on it to NEVER have any attachment to who you are. pay cash for it all and to reup monthly.

INSTALL A VPN if you can.

Ask for help here on how to do it.. your safety and freedom depend on this.

Its not just the gov you are hiding from… its clients that have tech backgrounds.

I will promise you.. there are VERY few advertisers out there, that if I wanted to, I could get your real name, address, phone, birth-date, and MUCH more.

There are THOUSANDS of people out there like me… Laugh if you want but its true.


At least I am a decent guy, I don’t see sex workers myself, not that I find anything wrong with it at all.. I am safe, you don’t need worry about me, But we all know there are PLENTY of weirdos out there that will stalk you, harass you, and then there are the ones that want to hurt you.

Yea, the gov will use your information to arrest you or fuck with you… but those scumbags are killers that will rape you and stick you in a dumpster… BE CAREFUL…. BE SAFE…. and BE SMART.


Those days of 1 ad producing tons of results are OVER… unless backpage returns… you need to be posting a LOT… it is the new world we live in!! On MANY sites! is a top result and is working hard to bring the traffic, they seem to care about advertisers.

Slixa is a great site, but not a lot of results. You know the deal with most of the older backpage clones like bedpage. SkipTheGames is REALLY solid.

As I said I helped the girls that started


They like tryst, care, are sexworkers themselves, and verify advertisers… you are not competing to post against fake ads on afterdarkads. They are doing a great job.

Cityxguide is solid for the most part I can see, I hear that on the west coast they are killing it. There were a few guys from BP that went to work for them, I hear good things… You need to be on ALL of them and posting a LOT!!

Post 1 ad per day on EVERY single site that has daily posting EVEN IF YOU JUST POSTED THE AD ONLY YESTERDAY!!!! On sites like tryst with a profile, at a minimum 1 profile, its smart to have a second with different pics and numbers… pics hiding a face, diff description… in one describe yourself as a sexy cute fun playful thing.. in the other describe yourself as a dominant sex machine… As sex workers the best bet is to be a chameleon and adapt yourself to what the client is looking to pay for…



Most high end advertisers with their own websites have extensive screening processes… go find them, read their requirements… what will work for you? Mimic them.

Advertising after backpage is not as easy as it once was… it takes work… it takes INVESTING in yourself. EVERY dollar you spend advertising is an investment. Not enough money in your pocket? INVEST MORE!

I hope you get something that helps you from this. It is all my opinions based on many years in this industry and seeing a lot. I was very successful advertising my own agency and learned a lot. I am happy to answer any questions I can. PM or ask away here! Again PLEASE, be careful and be safe!

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…


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