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Find Your Four Core Relationships Values – ‘Relationship Magic’ With Susan Bratton {VIDEO}

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Susan Bratton’s relationship tips are indispensable to helping men genuinely connect with women.

A magical relationship starts with communication.


From the moment you meet and every day afterwards – the words you choose and how you say them can make or break a relationship.



(Scroll Down For Susan’s Video)



Can you imagine what your current or future relationship could look like?

Can you see yourself in a relationship with a woman where you:

  1. Understand the way your partner’s mind works
  2. Know beyond the shadow of a doubt what you want from your relationship
  3. Appear as the perfect person in your partner’s eyes
  4. Live your life with a romantic partnership that never falls victim to pointless arguments, anger, or frustration



Click the pic below to get to “Relationship Magic”

by Susan Bratton – Sex and Relationship expert and partner of The Body House

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Susan says to concentrate on your core relationship values.


This will help you get CLEAR. When you have clarity you can focus.

When you focus you know what you want and can eliminate wasted time spent we women who you end up feeling less than with.

The Good News – You Only Need To Concentrate ON FOUR CORE VALUES and Not More…


You have many relationship values. However, you’re going to want to identify with just 4 of them.

In Relationship Magic, Susan will ask you to pick your top four. It becomes difficult to manage more.

You’ll see that clarifying your four most important Relationship Values will give you a consistent view of what to focus on… in the short run and over a lifetime with your partner.

Find out More About Susan Bratton HERE>>>




In all the years Susan has been teaching Relationship Magic, she’s found that Four Core Values has been more than enough.

Why overcomplicate what can and should be a profound shift in your relationships in the shortest amount of time possible?

Love doesn’t have to be complicated. Why should making it stronger be complicated?


What if My Four Core Relationship Values Change?

Life is all about change so some of your relationship values may change. This often happens when we go through various stages of life. In the early years of child rearing. When you are building a career or business among other things.


Once you discover your top four Relationship Values, you’ll know, by that anxious feeling, that one of your values has changed.


Revisit the relationship values list in Relationship Magic as you go through various life passages or whenever you feel the need to.

Relationship Magic is a forever guide.


As you change and grow, this book will be here to help guide you along the way.  Get Your Copy HERE…


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