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The MisGuided Fight To Close Down Backpage Continues (VIDEO)

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The MisGuided Fight To Close Down Backpage Continues Almost half of the Senate – a group of 47 lawmakers – is co-sponsoring a bill to close a loophole which supports (what they think) is an online market for sex trafficking. What they really want to do is close Backpage. The Fight Continues They want to…
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#backpage free speech – The Battle for Free Speech Continues… As many of you know, and as I’ve written about, executives have had serious trouble with law enforcement over the accusation of sex trafficking. In the summer of 2015, the authorities convinced Mastercard and Visa to STOP accepting payments through Telling them Backpage was part of…
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Jackass Report: The CEO Of Backpage Is Caught Sex Trafficking! (VIDEO)

    OK….. in the last week there has been a Y-UGE disaster at Here’s the Jackass report: The CEO of Backpage and his top cronies were all arrested for sex trafficking. The idiots.   In a nutshell, Carl Ferrer, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the advertising, was arrested on Thursday, Oct. 6. Some of…
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