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Interview With Elizabeth (E.B.) Cotenord FS Sex Worker & Mother of Two {VIDEO}

sex worker, working mother


E.B. was adamant in her conviction that women should have the right to choose how they earn a living, what they do with their bodies and who they spend time with on a consensual basis.

This interview shatters what many would consider the “typical” suburban mom lifestyle. In fact, Elizabeth says just that — that she’s a really normal person.

E.B. also shares a real life story of when she first got into the business just 3 years ago in 2015. It’s a bit of a horror story that could have turned out much, much worse. Yet, she continued on to create a new career for herself in the erotic industry.

As with all the women I interview, E.B. Cotenord demonstrated the independent, gutsy spirit that women in the erotic industry so often display. Elizabeth is in the Chicago area. You can connect with her on her site or social media accounts below…

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