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“She Said It Was Just A Massage…”

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“She Said It Was Just A Massage…”

In an effort to help you guys understand what your friendly neighborhood erotic massage service provider deals with, I’ve found an article I want to share with you.

It highlights the struggles of sex workers.  Click here.


Yes, It’s Sex Work

Even though my work is very conservative as far as sex work goes, under the law that’s exactly what it is. Sex work.

So, for my clients who come to see me and think it’s just a massage with a “little something extra” it’s not. It’s sex work and it’s illegal.


Unless we film it.

Then it would be considered porn. Once a few papers are signed, it would be perfectly legal.

Such is the American consciousness toward sex.

The bottom line is, what I do is part of the sex work industry and you are a patron of it.

It means that because sex work is illegal, providers of erotic services have almost no resources for protection or professional services that other independent business owners have.

This includes help with marketing, advertising, legal advice, insurance, and more.



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This puts sex workers in a unique position whereby they face physical risks, financial volatility, travel and locational complications that create a type of economic and business isolation.





For example, if someone comes to see me and they decide not to pay or get physically aggressive I’m put in an extremely precarious position.

It’s not just about not paying for the service. It’s not just about being physically assaulted.



It’s also risking the noise level that will alert the neighbors in the building there’s something wrong.

They may call the cops.  They might come to investigate.

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They may just decide their “suspicions” are correct and do something to get (me) the provider ousted.

It means I would have no means of retribution.

Since calling the cops (or other official organization) is not an option for someone offering an illegal service.


Here’s a quick and true story that happened to me in October of 2013 that illustrates my point.

I moved into an office on a floor above businesses on Broadway in the sweet little town of TarryTown.

The massage space was right around the corner from their Music Hall. The doorway was sandwiched between am upscale pub and an Indian food restaurant.



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For those who don’t know TarryTown, it’s a quaint little place, close to the water on the west side of Westchester near the Tappanzee bridge.

It’s also home to well-to-do New Yorkers seeking small town living near the Big Apple.

There’s also a fairly prominent police presence in town.

The reason for this is unclear.

Statistically, TarryTown is one of the least crime ridden places in the county.




However, I often saw a marked police car cruising or parked near the busiest corner in town. That corner happened to be at the end of the block from the office space.

It seemed that as soon as I started taking clients tongues began to wag.

Apparently the number of men coming in and out of the building got noticed.

Although, my clients are like anyone else.

They come in all shapes and sizes with wildly diverse backgrounds both professionally and ethnically.


However, the one thing I try to make sure they all have in common is…


That’s respect for themselves, for women in general and for me and my service specifically.

So, it was a big surprise for me when I began to hear rumors that I was the new prostitute in town.

This talk got back to me within 7-10 DAYS of my moving in!

I quickly realized this was a precarious situation. I was in and out of that space in a month. Gossip killed it.



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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged


So, if any of you guys are judgmental or irritated with the hoops you have to jump through to see an erotic provider… stuff it.

The laws are in your favor. She’s the one at risk.

Police stations do not send out undercover cops to catch clients.




Why? They can’t prosecute for anything.

There is no law against showing up for what you thought was just a massage.

You haven’t done anything wrong. You’re just looking for a little stress release. Nothin’ wrong with that.



Unless you want to tell the cops you went looking for someone who would stimulate your genitalia for the purposes of an orgasm and were willing to pay them money for the privilege of doing so… then your good.

So please, the next time you find yourself annoyed by the questions or cautions your erotic provider erects (so to speak), go easy.

She’s just trying to keep herself and her livelihood safe.


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