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Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss

Bring her back from the sensual abyss

Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss


Do you have a wife or long time live in girlfriend who seems to have lost that lovin’ feeling toward you?

In other words, she either doesn’t want sex with you or does so with little enthusiasm.

As a man, you need women. You especially want physical affection and emotional connection with the woman you’ve chosen to spend your daily life with.


However, over time, you’ve noticed she’s lost interest in you. She’s lost interest in sex. You seem more like friends than the passionate lovers you once were.

If any of this sounds familiar to your relationship, there is a way to change it around.

It will take consistent application of specific behaviors and lots of patience.

Only you can decide if it’s worth the effort.


Training Day

A man who’s mastered the ability to seduce his lover knows that with every look, every frown, every smile, and every gesture he’s training her to feel affectionate toward him, or not.

It really is the little things, everyday, that add up.

Although a woman’s sexuality is deeply part of every thing she does and inherently who she is, when dealing with the man in her life, it often needs to be coaxed out of her.

And frankly, why should a woman be ready and willing to become your whore in the bedroom on your whim?

You should have to work for it and keep working for it.

Female sexuality gives your life meaning. Without it you guys dry up like leaves in autumn.

The good news is, with patience and the right tools, you can revive your lady’s sensuality and make things hot between you two again.


Accepting Responsibility

You also have to understand it will be difficult if not impossible to rekindle anything if it wasn’t that hot to begin with.

Did you ever have a reasonably good connection with your lady? This is important.

Do you think she wants to feel sexy again (or more often) and has the desire to have great sex with you?

Do both of you have the physical health to have great sex? After all, it can get pretty athletic. ;-]


ALTHOUGH… May she’s having an affair? FIND OUT and then find out how to FIX IT!


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