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Interview With Marina The Masseuse Aqueossage Therapist and Lifestyle Intimacy Coach

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Interview With Marina The Masseuse
Aqueossage Therapist and Lifestyle Intimacy Coach

Dyann interviews a delightful young CMT. She is 33 and, in her words, “loves what she does” which is an unusual form of massage. Marina calls it “Aqueossage“.

If you’ve never heard of it it’s because this is Marina’s unique style of bodywork. It involves water, a large table, her massage skills and her yoga ability. She includes her entire body and skill set when working with a client.

She also offers what she calls “lifestyle intimacy coaching.”

Again this is Marina’s unique approach to helping clients with any intimate inhibitions, addictions or sexual concerns they may have.
Marina works with individual men and women, as well as, couples. She’s recently opened a new studio in Boston called “Sacred.”

She has some great advice for men too if you’re interested in relating to women better. Marina also sells her own line of intimate products.

Unfortunately, there was a fire at her previous office in March/2018. Although Marina is a strong and positive person she is always open to help and making new connections. If you’re interested in helping Marina rebuild or donate luxurious items to her new upscale place check out this link: Operation: Office Fire Rebuild Marina’s main site
On Twitter: @MasseuseMarina

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