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What Is A MicroAggression And How Does It Factor Into Our Shrinking Range Of Acceptable Topics Of “Discussion” {VIDEOS}



Has anyone else noticed that younger generations seem to be more and more sensitive to the small things people say and do? Things that essentially amount to idiosyncrasies?

Below is a tongue-in-cheek video with movie clips that illustrate what microaggressions are.

Below that is a short video by David Icke that speaks to the shrinking range of topics we are allowed to “discuss” nowadays.

Apparently, “debating” is now considered a microaggression.

In fact, anything to do with the term “debate” is considered a microaggression. As well, there are subsections of microaggressions known as microassaults, microinvalidations and microinsults. Uhm, yeah.

Anyway… the first video give you a good overview of what a microaggression is and below that David Icke speaks to the very obvious diminishing circle of topics we are allowed to discuss in public an certainly in the media.

I believe these recent changes in our culture are inextricably linked —>

  • Shrinking topics of debate allowed to be discussed publicly

  • Narrowing fields of free speech entertained by the media and other mass sources

  • The rise of idiosyncratic behavior which is thought (and felt) to be an attack on another human being.


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