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It’s Not About The Nail (VIDEO)

A nail in wooden board

It’s Not About The Nail…

I came across this video. It’s supposed to be funny and poignant, but I don’t think it’s quite right. It’s about how women talk to men about problems. It’s definitely made from a guys point of view.

Tell me what you think…

Click below or watch HERE.

The problem is… “the nail” is obvious to the guy which is maybe why it’s not quite right. You guy’s think the answer is obvious but in fact… women could be seeing things in a very different way.

We don’t always know how to express that though.

Perhaps this video (It’s Not About The Nail) which has been seen more than 13.5 MILLION times since May of 2013 says much more about MEN than it does women.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? – (Please comment below)