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What is The Red Umbrella Project? (VIDEO)

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As a sex worker, you may or may not have heard of The Red Umbrella Project.

If your not a sex worker, you should be aware of the work they do. It affects commmunities everywhere.

The work they do is on behalf of sex workers across the country.

The Mission of RedUP

The Red Umbrella Project’s (RedUP) mission is to bring the voices of sex workers to the masses through storytelling.

They’re using these stories to influence policies, rally community understanding and create protection.

RedUP began in 2009 as a volunteer, peer-run media training and public storytelling event.

They believed that sex workers needed to be heard to be understood.

The ultimate goal is to allow sex workers to have control over their incomes and bodies, as well as, being protected from abuse and oppression.

RedUP’s programming supports the development of media skills, confidence, and political policy analysis so lawmakers can better fight for the rights of adults who choose to do sex work.

Other information RedUP offers is on health and safety, referrals to appropriate agencies, peer counseling, job assistance, and leadership opportunities for sex workers.

Get In Touch

RedUP has a staff of two full time people, one part timer and a core base of 15 peer leaders. This small team serves approximately 150 sex workers per year.

The Persist Health Project has become The Red Umbrella Project’s support services unit..

On the 4th Tuesday of each month RedUP has a drop in day from 1-4pm at their offices. As a sex worker, you can visit them for help with peer-based counseling among other services.

Such as:

  • help obtaining IDNYC cards
  • find emergency housing
  • healthcare referrals
  • resume` and cover letter writing
  • interview preparation
  • job searches

For more information and directions…

Contact RedUP: 347.927.3867 or

RedUP also has a podcast. Listen to it HERE.


A few words on the #METOO movement.

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