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Spicy Story – Vintage Erotica – “BLONDE TROUBLE” Narrated By Dyann Bridges {Audio/Video}

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Listen to Dyann Bridges narrate this fun sensual vintage 1938 sensual story.

Dyann has added music and sound effects.

Listen on Soundcloud below



Watch on youtube – {single image video}



This is Vintage Erotica – “BLONDE TROUBLE” by Cliff Carruth


Published in a 1938 Issue Of SPICY STORIES – Meet Val Norton; a no nonsense life guard with big ambitions and Sue Chapel; a beautiful 18 year old with a secret.

This has a nice surprise ending.

Dyann Bridges narrates this piece of short erotic fiction.

It’s very tame by today’s standards, but wonderful in it’s storytelling.

Sometimes just allowing your mind to drift while listening to a mature woman’s voice is very relaxing.

Please enjoy…


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