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Emotional Sobriety = Maturity = A Better Future For Everyone (VIDEO)

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  This short podcast about Emotional Sobriety was inspired by Carlos Castenada’s wisdom. It focuses on his philosophy of Emotional Sobriety which equals Maturity which equals A Better Future For Everyone. For those of you who do not know who he is, Castenada was an apprentice to Mexican shaman in the 1960s. For the next…
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The Poignancy of Old Pornography (​Circa – 1900)

The Poignancy of Old Pornography, vintage sexy, sensual living, bodywork, eroticism

The Poignancy of Old Pornography  (Circa – 1900) This movie (video below) shows how porn was done in the very infancy of still life and motion photography. It’s fascinating and rather graphic. There are many movies like this in the public domain. I think these types of movies are important to highlight. They harken back…
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