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In the mornings, (back in 2014) I used to listen to a popular local New York radio station.

One day, the panel of two women and two men began talking about a trend in America whereby women are asking their men to marry them.

I thought… WTH? Really? That’s stupid. Of course, I’ve never been married. I’ve also never asked a guy to marry me. So…


Burning Question

I gotta ask this burning question… Why did so many women fight so that women everywhere could have the right to vote, work, become educated and decide how to use their procreative abilities?

Is it so that today’s women could also have the “right” to ask men for their hand in marriage? Really? 

Because of the bravery, strength and fortitude of our female predecessors, women of today have never had more freedom and choice, professionally or personally.


So why do so many women today feel the need to act like men?


Suffragettes didn’t fight to BE men. They fought to have EQUAL rights to men. So why then has the hard won success of the Women’s Movement lead to the assumption that female equality means gender sameness?

Equal does NOT = Same!

When we equate men and women as the “same” we strip the genders of their real power.

Men are predominantly known for being forthright, reliable and taking action. Women are predominantly known for being receptive, supportive and nurturing.

Having said that, let’s agree; both genders have a mixture of both energies.


Life Always Seeks Balance

The energetic dance between the genders is how Life helps to balance things out.

Doubt it? Look at animals in the wild or even in domestic settings. Everywhere you look, the females of the species tend to be more yielding and the males of the species more aggressive.

So then ladies, stop shopping for his ring and getting down on one knee to pop the question. In fact, stop shopping for your own ring, the white dress and planning the wedding.


Ladies… just relax, enjoy yourself, your Life and your man.

If you’re truly interested in marrying the man you love, make sure your heart is open, receptive and soft toward him. If he’s a good one, he’ll willingly give you his protection, love, affection and commitment in return. Which means he’ll be more than willing to pop the question to keep you at his side.

That’s the natural order of things.

An equal relationship has both genders respecting each other.

Honor your energy as a woman. Then maybe American women can stop asking their men to marry them.  Allow yourselves to be loved, cherished and proposed to by your man.

After all, it’s the nature of Life to do so.


Thank you for reading and have a sensual day.

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