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Vintage Erotica – “A Pillow of Green” Meet Vic & Chloe From – 1934 September Issue Of SPICY STORIES (Audio/Video/Text)

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Vintage Erotica – “A Pillow of Green” by R.L. Truman

Meet Vic & Chloe From – 1934 September Issue Of SPICY STORIES


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Vintage Erotica – “A Pillow of Green” by R.L. Truman

Meet Vic & Chloe From – 1934 September Issue Of SPICY STORIES


As they drove, Vic discovered as many others had, but the warm evenings of Los Claros Cielos bring exhilarating equally warm winds that make leisure driving under a huge bronze moon through tall, soberly dark red woods an excellent reason for slipping and arm about the fragrant perfume, softness of curves, delicious feminine.

“Still feel like apologizing,” Chloe presently asked, throwing her head back against the rolled top and breathing deeply, a motion that brought her round full breasts into play and drew her tight-fitting skirt up and up until several bare inches of lovely white thigh became distractingly visible.

Moonlight played upon her tantalizing voluptuous charms and bathed them in a golden color that was like Chloe, ripe and warm ____ Irresistibly desirable!

Vic stopped the car beneath a grove of trees and drew her to his side. Imagine his amazement when after a brief, thoroughly tame kiss, she pushed him away.

“Is your suit in the car,” she asked, to Vic’s bewilderment…


“No,” he answered. Then he remembered that he did have a pair of swimming trunks stowed away somewhere in the back.

“That’s too bad,” Chloe muttered, “for I always wanted to drive through the moon light — this way–” with actions to fit her words, she tugged at her frock and was soon holding it neatly folded in one tiny hand!

and there was Chloe, her lush contours threatening to burst the diaphanous clinging silk brassiere and panties that the beach cop had found outrageous.

In less than 10 seconds or so, it seemed to Chloe that Vic had donned his trunks!

They drove on for several minutes, and then she pointed through the trees, extending a firm slender arm that he promptly kissed.

“There’s a beach down there,” she said, squirming playfully, as his lips slid along her arm, finally resting upon a warm, deliriously thrilling, firm peak of snowy-white flesh.

“And besides, I want to explain something to you. ____.

“Darling,” Vic whispered, “if you say swim, I’ll even swim tonight!”

“That’s just what I was going to say, you dear!” she laughed leading the way out of the car.

Chloe was the first in, but Vic quickly followed her. The water was delightfully warm and side by side, they swam upstream.

Overhead, the sky was a star-studded ball of dark blue.

“Ooooh!” Chloe suddenly cried, “I think my leg is cramped, Vic.”

Swimming to her, he supported her, placing his arm over her ripe little breasts, and even in this predicament, he could not help but enjoy the sensation caused by having such soft round twin beauties pressed thrilling against his arm.

“Are you alright, sweet?” he asked his senses burning, as hard little tips of crimson flesh crushed against his forearm.

“I think so”, Chloe answered weakly, struggling to keep her head above water, “but sweetheart, my leg! It hurts so much — don’t let me go — it’s so terribly dark!”

“Hardly!” Vic panted and tighten his hold upon her sweet little hillocks.


Once safely on the beach, he briskly massaged her numb thighs, not an all-together unpleasant task, then he hurried back to the car and returned with a large wooly robe.

“Okay, now?” he asked wrapping her in it, “How about a little drink?” he disappeared again, and soon Chloe was gratefully sampling the contents of his flask.

“You have some too,” she whispered and Vic complied, “but I don’t need this robe, it’s so warm.”

She flung it aside, relaxed her perfectly proportion contours on the sand, and Vic found his pulse throbbing to the exciting picture of lovely Chloe in silken, wet and clinging panties and flimsy bandeaux.

“You don’t have to apologize now, dear, she murmured, “but you should know two things.”

“What are they?” he asked, resting at her side.

“First, I hit you with that ball on purpose… “

“Forgiven!” Vic interrupted, “Proceed.”

“Then later, I let you look for me when you thought I had drowned, and… “


“And what? Vic asked, his lips slowly drawing closer to a distracting little dimple that nestled on her smooth, milky-white shoulders.

“Well, I watched you all the time and thought you were a scream — but I don’t think it’s funny tonight–“

Vic hardly heard her words, seeing only the inviting soft warmness of her quivering lips. Passionately, he kissed her, firmly, possessively, as his hands feverishly caressed the tempting flesh of each delicious pearly white mound.

More eagerly than ever, he explored the thrilling rounded charms that Chloe had in such abundance.

Only a brassiere, calmly floating down the river, La Almohada de la Verde knew that Chloe discarded it herself, and only a silken scanty knew that she had experienced no cramp that evening.


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