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The Weinstein Effect: More and More People Are Speaking Up About Sexual Harassment (VIDEOS)

Movie, Star Weinstein effect

The Weinstein Effect:

More and More People Are Speaking Up

About Sexual Harassment


Weinstein effect

The Weinstein Effect: Allegations of sexual abuse and harassment just keep coming.

And the scope just keeps widening.


The hashtag #IrishWeinstein is being widely used over in Ireland to discuss alleged offenders within the entertainment industry in that country.

Grace Dyas, a writer, producer and director has claimed Colgan told her last year she had lost so much weight, “I’d almost have sex with you”.

Dyas goes on to say:

“I was taken aback but not surprised. I said ‘Michael, you can’t say that to me!’ He replied ‘What? I didn’t say I would fuck you. You haven’t lost that much weight.’”

Wow… talk about white man privledge.

Colgan later denied he had made the comment. He’s also been accused of harassing 3 other women.

Michael Colgan, stepped down this year as artistic director of the Gate Theatre in Dublin.

Weinsteins, Weinsteins Everywhere

The Weinstein Effect is being felt everywhere in the entertainment world too.

The Weinstein Company’s “Amityville: The Awakening” grossed a minuscule $742 total at 10 locations on Saturday.

That’s $742 dollars. Not in millions. Just $742 DOLLARS.

I had to read it a few times to make sure I’d read it correctly.

That pathetic number comes two weeks after the Amityville sequel began streaming for free on Google Play.

Although the movie stars some great talent, it seems it flopped so badly because of the current state of affairs at the Weinstein company.

Here is another long, but well written encounter by an actress turned writer and director who ran into Harvey Weinstein at the wrong time.

And just to rub salt in the wound… here are a bunch of youtube clips on Weinstein and the havoc he’s wreaked over the years…

Listen to Emma Thompson here describe the “endemic” nature of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry…


This is Rob Schneider but he’s not joking here…


Here’s Ashley Judd talking about her “Weinstein incident”…


Here’s the Rose McGowan accusation and other view points on this topic…

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