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11 Ways To Use More Chivalry (And Impress The Hell Out Of Her)

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I always try to give you guys tips on how to relate better to women and become better men in the process. I found this list from John Rasiej at

Unfortunately the website looks like it’s been taken offline.


However, the information John posted was excellent. I post this list which is edited by me to reflect my voice and The Body House theme.

Rasiej’s website was the original inspiration for this list. Enjoy.

John Rasiej believed a man needed to make a woman feel cherished, desired more and appreciated regularly to have a great relationship. These are his tips edited by me:


  1. Learn what matters most to your woman and find ways to bring more of that into her life.


2. Learn the “five languages of love” – words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Learn the degree to which your lady needs and want which language when. It sounds complex, but all you need to do is pay attention to her. You’ll get it. Include something from each of these, yet focus on the ones most important to her.


3. It’s vital to let others know how you feel about her, in public ways and particularly ways that her friends and family can’t help but notice.  You could even use social media to spread the word on how you care about your lady.


4. Find small things to do regularly to give her reminders of how much you value and treasure her. I can’t tell you how important this is. Women notice small details. If you can do and say small, specific things that let her know how much you care… you’ll be her hero.

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5. And here’s an oldie but a goodie… be chivalrous!

It’s more important than ever!  Apparently stats say 93% of women appreciate acts of chivalry! So open those doors for her, pull out her chair at restaurants, offer her your jacket if she’s chilly. Help her down the stairs. Offer your arm for support.

5A. **Note: Some women may not receive your chivalry positively. Please understand it’s not you. Too many women have been conditioned to believe chivalry is condescending to women. I used to think that when I was a teen and early 20s. I soon realized it’s just an acknowledgment between men and woman… and it’s a great dance! So don’t take it personally!**


6. Use chivalry on ALL women. Women notice things. They’ll notice you are chivalrous with every woman and know you are a good man.


7. Cuddles and affection are wonderful. Most women love a man to be physically affectionate with them. Just be attentive to timing. Sometimes it’s the last thing she wants. Physical affection should be applied firmly, but gently so she feels close to you, but still free. Practice. You’ll get the hang of it.


8. Start and end the day with a small token of love… like a saying or gesture that is just for the two of you. Use throughout the day too if appropriate.


9. Know her preferences. For example, how does she like her coffee? What’s her favorite color? What’s her favorite restaurant, her favorite drink? Pay attention so she knows she has been heard.


10. Be protective of her.

Look our for her safety and make her feel safe. No excuses. What that means is not using your strength (whether physical, mental, verbal or attitudinal) in a way that is aggressive. Never do it. If you must… just stand your ground, but don’t ever get threatening or condescending. It will erode her trust in you and make her feel unsafe. A woman who feels unsafe with a man will nag him, go silent, retreat, lash out, go nuts and basically just hold back. If you’re striving for the best relationship possible… make her feel safe!


11. Make time to be with her, and at those times be fully present with her. See ways that you can carve out time to be together regularly, away from work and away from other     distractions.mThis is probably the single most fabulous thing you can do as a man to let a woman know you care.

Thank you for reading. Stay sensual, Dyann xoxo

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