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Build A Brand: A Necessity For Providers and Clients Post FOSTA-SESTA

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Since the Fosta Sesta law passed in April and Backpage was subsequently shut down, the erotic industry has been thrown into turmoil. Advertising for providers has become a hit or miss affair.

Social media platforms and sketchy classified ad sites are leaving both providers and clients lukewarm.

The Shut Out

In fact, there has been talk that social media companies, who have formerly been friendly to Swers, are going to shut them out. already has. Facebook’s policies get narrower and stupider all the time. It seems that Twitter might follow suit in the next 1 to 2 years.

What does all this mean for clients and providers? It means providers are going to have to get a lot savvier about building up their websites and building a brand online.

It also means that clients are going to have to do their searches differently.


Example of Building A Brand

Below is a guest post I found on where Andrea Lipomi, a nail tech, massage therapist and esthetician talks about how she’s building a branding of her spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s not for everyone, but the ones who love it… Love it.

Her business is Feetish Spa Parlor. Yes, you read that right. Lipomi has been running her one-woman skin and nail care business for five years (at the time of this article).

Although it’s Las Vegas and people come and go, one thing remains constant: People like my brand.

Her spa is set in a repurposed medical clinic with taxidermied alligator heads and sugar skulls peppering the shelves.

The name “Feetish Spa Parlor” gets questionable looks from many. Lipomi like to color her hair pink, amd wear leggings and Doc Martens. Yet, in her words:

“… the people who visit me are, overwhelmingly, the right people.”      ——> Continued

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That’s what Swers must cultivate. A brand that is uniquely them, even if it seems a little “off” to others. It’s the only way to find your clientele.

The Feetish Spa logo features a vintage skeletal foot logo and the spa décor is filled with a Victorian parlor aesthetic. So how did Andera Lipomi come up with this unique branding concept? Where else?

Her personal preferences.

She combined some of her favorite things such as, old timey décor, anatomical elements, curiosity shop stuff and jazz music in the background.

She wanted the total environment to transport visitors to a place time forgot. After that, came the name. Lipomi was nervous about it too. This was her concern:

“I’m not going to lie: I was slightly nervous that my massage therapist friends would think I was being too naughty with “Feetish”… but they loved it! It turns out having a fun, descriptive name that causes people to look twice and giggle is a major win.”


She carried her interest and aesthetics into her design of marketing materials, fonts, clip art, colors and wording. Lipomi is an extension of her brand.


Lipomi takes pictures of herself in the neighborhood where her spa is and posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. She believes authenticity and a modest sense of transparency is important for good marketing.

She keeps herself in a uniform of sorts. Black and grey which allows for her pink hair to pop along with select accessories.

In the end, Andrea Lipomi and her Feetish Spa are a passionate expression of what she loves to do. She knows it’s off putting to some, but in a way, that’s the point.

She doesn’t do sparkle nail art necessarily. As well, Lipomi offers long lingering pedicure and lots of personal attention. Not all spas can say that.

So what all this means for the erotic industry is this: know who you are and make sure you’re clear about what you’re putting out there. It really is the only way to survive in this business in 2018 and beyond.

Thanks for reading and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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