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What Do Incels, Sex Workers & The IRS Have In Common? An Honest Courtesan Has An Idea…

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Recently Maggie Mac Neill The Honest Courtesan, wrote a post addressing a group of “incels” who were doing their best to report female sex workers to the IRS for not paying taxes.

Below is an excerpt from Mac Neill’s post which I found fairly revealing about this sub-sect of the male gender.

You can read her entire blog post HERE…

“Sex work prohibitionism is entirely based in negative emotions such as envy, resentment, and bigotry, plus the most common and destructive of all sexual perversions: the need to inflict one’s own will on non-consenting individuals.

As I and others have explained, this is why sex workers can’t help “incels”:  it isn’t sex that they want, it’s ownership.  If they just wanted sex they could pay for it like any other man, but that isn’t enough for them; they want to own women like slaves because they believe themselves to be entitled to unlimited sexual access like the successful men they call “alphas” (whom they imagine get sex without paying). ”

– Maggie McNeill – SWer & writer at The Honest Courtesan

The rest of the article goes on to discuss the ridiculous waste of time this is for the incels.

Which of course, it is.

Many sex workers in a variety of jobs, even the ones who mostly collect cash, DO pay taxes. Otherwise how do you get along in this country?

It’s a very limited existence if you can’t prove you have an income and subsequently give the IRS man a cut. Uncle Same makes sure of that.

I wanted to highlight this particular quote of McNeill’s because it calls out an incel’s worst enemies – their own sense of envy, smallness and powerlessness within their own lives which makes them desperate to control someone else.

An incel’s warped world view emboldens a grandiose sense of themselves which in turn creates an attitude of entitlement toward women. This point The Honest Courtesan makes clear.

Unfortunately, too many men in American culture feel a degree of entitlement.

We can do better. We have to.

I’d love to think that a more inclusive and less violent America is around the corner. In the wake of 2022… that is becoming less likely. So we must fight back. Or at least don’t participate in the stupidity.

It would help a lot if self-titled incels could find a way to feel powerful and peaceful in their own hearts.

Ahhh… I’m gonna go meditate now.

Thank you for reading. Have a very sensual day. Dyann xoxo

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