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5 (Surprising) Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

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5 Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy


Tantra Massage Therapy is a recognized tantric therapy.

It’s now gaining considerable attention and acceptance as an effective and legit healing modality.


Here are FIVE benefits of Tantra Massage you may find surprising:


Benefit 1: Tantra Massage for ENERGETIC Healingtantra massage therapy, energy healing, beauty heals


The health benefits of Tantra Massage are pretty much endless. 

Tantric massage helps your energy system “re-educate” itself.


Which means, you become more aligned in your frequencies.

It’s similar to going to a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment.


A Doctor of Chiropractic adjusts your spine which helps your skeleton find its balance again.

The DC only makes only a tiny movement in your spine.

Yet, it breaks up the adhesions in the area and gives your entire spinal column a chance to find a straighter alignment.


Tantra massage therapy helps your personal energy system do the same thing.


Your body (RE)-learns how to utilize its own powerful energy resources for health and healing.

As a result, many chronic issues can be remedied entirely. 

These include (chronic) pain, disease, depression, sexual dysfunctions, emotional and mental health issues, and much more.


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Benefit 2: Tantra Massage Therapy To Eliminate Energy Blockages


Every human being has energetic blockages. 

At times, more severe than at others.

The goal is to have your energy flowing as fully and as naturally as possible.


A blockage’s origin is often unknown. It’s important to release them in a carefully managed and gradual way.


There are precise methods for dealing with blockages in Tantra Massage Therapy.

Once they are alleviated safely and harmoniously…

You will be left feeling:

  • a great sense of relief
  • contentment and peace of mind
  • emotional ease

Benefit 3: To Alleviate Sexual Dysfunctions & Increase Sexual Pleasure sensual massage, tantra massage therapy, energetic healing, life coaching for men


Sexual dysfunctions generally stem from imbalanced and/or excessive sexual energy.

These can get lodged in our energy system which form blockages.


Tantra massage therapy deals directly with the sexual energy and restores balance, order, harmony, and purpose to this vital force within you.


As a result, common sexual dysfunctions such as female frigidity, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation are eliminated naturally.

In addition, a sexual climax can and should be extended beyond the brief and explosive moment of gratification.


In fact, with Tantra Massage Therapy, your sexual pleasure can be an extended state of bliss that lasts for several minutes (or even hours!). 

Authentic Tantric Massage Therapy awakens the sexual energy beyond just the genital region.

With regular Tantra massage therapy your body learns to retain the orgasmic energy, then disperse and channel it throughout your entire being.

It makes it possible for men and women to experience a whole-body energy orgasm.


Benefit 4: Tantra Massage Helps You Release Past Pain & Enjoy Your Body 


It’s far too common for people to criticize their body’s appearance rather than praise it for the remarkable DIVINE temple it is.  

Layer by layer, tantra massage removes the shame, guilt, and self-critical thought process surrounding our physical body.

When we go through a traumatic event, it literally gets “captured” in our cellular structure.

It’s why we get ‘triggered’ over and over by the same event, even years later.

We must participate in releasing this energy and the memories accompanying it. This must be done consciously and in a safe, protective environment.

Tantra massage therapy can help you work through the psychological wounds of the past.


Benefit 5: Tantra Massage Helps To Awakening The Spirit & Reach Enlightenment


Tantra Massage Therapy was designed by modern tantric practitioners as a bridge (not a path in itself) for modern people.

Tantra massage therapy helps to prepare an individual for the higher tantric teachings and practices.  


The work of tantric massage, releases you from the chains of the past, and gives you clarity for the future.

You gain a broader perspective about Life and what your purpose is as a human being.

There are many people who report a spiritual awakening as a result of this Tantra therapy.


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