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What Is The ‘YAB YUM’ Or ‘LOTUS’ Sex Position in Tantra? {VIDEO}

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What is it exactly?  Watch or Read Below…


It’s THE  SEX POSITION To Try With Your Partner


The tantric sex position known as ‘yab-yum’, is based on creating greater emotional intimacy with you and your partner while making love.

In a nutshell, the Yab Yum position can be summed up like this – The man sits cross legged.

The woman sits in his lap while straddling him and looking deeply into his eyes.

At some point, he penetrates her.

Then, for about 10 minutes, the couple focuses on synchronizing their breath while holding eye contact.


When all of these movements are done together, the genital penetration, eye gazing and breath synchronization, the power of the orgasmic flow is enhanced dramatically.

It helps to emotionally and spiritually bond you with your partner.


Another aspect of Yab Yum is that it’s a very connected position which is perfect for slow, deeply penetrating sex and eye contact.

It’s a true Tantric lovemaking position.


When two people begin to engage with their sexual energy more deeply and consciously, it may be best to begin slowly.

You can start by simply looking into each other’s eyes with a soft gaze.

It can be unsettling for some to look deeply into their lover’s eyes.


There are many reasons for this. The subconscious mind is a powerhouse of stored memories and energy.

Many triggers lay hidden in the darkness of the subconscious, which is 90% – 95% of our ENTIRE consciousness.

It’s a perfect opportunity to practice letting go of your thoughts as much as possible.

Stay in the moment.

Notice what thoughts come to mind.

Then let them go and see what happens.

This is What Tantra REALLY is…


The deep eye-gazing, breath-syncing and long, lingering kisses are a prelude to CONNECTION.

Which is what Tantra is REALLY all about.


Try and enjoy the intimacy!

Take a look at Susan Bratton describe what Yab Yum is….

Lotus Sex Position: Kama Sutra “Yab Yum”



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