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5 Female Stereotypes That Need To Stop Now!

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5 Female Stereotypes That Need To Stop Now!

#1: Not all women want to have children.

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Women are often made to feel pressured by society or their families to get married and have kids.

Traditionally, this would mean that she would take on the primary care-giving role for the child(ren) while her husband went out and brought home the bacon.

As a result, women who worked and stayed single often received pity or concern from others.

Other women choose a career over splitting their time and energy between that and child rearing.

Bottom line… A woman does not need to have children to be fulfilled unless she really wants children. So don’t assume she’s dying to get married.

Some women are genuinely content to have a great career, great relatives, great friends and perhaps a great man in their lives too.



Female Stereotype #2: Not all women are damsels in distress.


Maybe Rapunzel needed to be rescued from the tower, but no more.

Today’s women are bold, strong, and well educated. They know what they want, and what they don’t want is someone who will mistreat or disrespect them.

Although, and this is very important –> so many men nowadays have completely abandoned any idea of themselves as protectors.

Additionally, women have become so independent they’ve forgotten how to let go with their men.

There is an art form to knowing when and how to set boundaries with a man.

Women have forgotten how to draw a line in the sand without making a man feel rejected or diminished.

However, this is the way of growth. Sometimes the pendulum swings way out to one side before it comes back to the center. This goes for both men and women.

As women have become stronger and more independent over the last few decades, men have become more passive and shallow. This has left both genders dissatisfied and very angry at each other and with themselves.

So gentlemen, you can help by standing up to a woman when it counts. Not with aggression. Not with any threats. Just stand calmly in your man circle and speak your truth.

Even if a woman doesn’t like it much. Stay your calm masculine self. Be strong in your power as a man and she’ll soon take it down a notch… and if she doesn’t?

Well, you have to decide what your deal breaker is. If she’s not showing you respect then perhaps you need to make some decisions about the relationship.

Bottom Line ***If a man can stand up to a woman then she’ll know you’ll be there to stand up for her when she needs you the most.***

Discover how to hold her so she feels totally loved!Go from terse to bursting with affection!

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Female Stereotype #3: Not all women wear revealing clothing because they WANT you.


Perhaps one of the most dangerous stereotypes perpetuating rape culture or street harassment is the argument about how she was “asking for it.”

For centuries women were forced to cover up because it would give men impure thoughts.

Not only is this archaic notion oppressive to women, but it’s insulting to men.

I for one am insulted by the notion that men are such primitive cavemen that they will not be able to stop themselves from assaulting a woman if she is wearing too little clothing.

*** This point is very important. Today, it almost seems like a requirement for women to wear tight or revealing clothing to be considered confident and attractive.

And if she doesn’t want to “show it off” there must be something wrong with her or she’s probably ashamed of herself, right?

This is a silly a notion. It’s also silly to think that revealing clothing means a woman wants to be treated with insolence.

It’s best for men to stop assuming they know what’s going on in a woman’s mind.

Men and women think differently. Our motives are not your motives. You’d be surprised at exactly what a woman is thinking and feeling most of the time.

Maybe that’s the key… if you’re open to understanding who she is FIRST… THEN you can put her wardrobe into perspective.

Bottom line… approach women as the unique individuals they are.  

This information can help you understand her better. Check it out…

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Female Stereotype #4: Not all women are “crazy.”


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Sometimes men call women crazy when they’re behaving in a way that threatens to take a man out of his rational, logical mind and into his emotions.

That is a dangerous place for many men to be as they often feel out of control with their own emotions.

Men are also “fix it guys” – meaning they want to fix problems.

So when a woman gets emotional he feels the need to “fix” her and if he can’t he feels helpless. Never a good space for a man to be in.

A man may think that if a woman starts acting “crazy” that’s reason enough to disregard what she’s saying.

Especially, if he feels he can’t fix it and will feel helpless if he tries.

THIS is the reason why so many men shut down when a woman becomes emotional.

To ‘fix’ this… I think it comes back to a man’s perception of who he thinks women are and how we think.

So if you as a man, can see a woman as being like a wild animal that needs to shake off some energy…  then you’ll understand all you really need to do is be patient and calm so she knows she can come to you when the storm inside her subsides.

Bottom line? A woman becoming emotion is not as big a deal you as you think it is.



Female Stereotype #5: The Idea that Women are Put on Earth for Men  


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Women don’t owe men anything.

The opposite sex are not objects to attain or to conquer. 

What a woman does or doesn’t do with a man is her choice. It’s really that simple.

So we need to talk about Voluntaryism. All of us could learn a few things from this philosophy.

In essence, Voluntaryism is the doctrine that states —> when people are relating to each other it should be by mutual consent, or not at all.

Which makes perfect sense to me….






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