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This FBSM Provider Pretty Much Sums It Up With The “Mutual Touching” Question (VIDEO)

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This lady calls herself Sarah Sunshine Goddess of Awesome — I’m not sure who this lady is…. but she does a very good job of summing up what it’s like for a FBSM provider to deal with the question….

“Is there mutual touching?”


We know that all FBSM providers are different.

However, one thing is clear —> MOST FBSM providers do NOT offer full service sessions. 

FBSM providers are NOT escorts. There are many reasons for this.  

No judgement…

However, a little touching or rubbing here and there is much, much different that having intercourse with a stranger.


If that’s what you want then you’ll need to look for an escort… NOT an FBSM provider.

I’m sure many of you are tempted to book an FBSM provider and then try to get her to do more than that….

Mostly because of the HUGE price difference. I don’t recommend this. You will almost always be disappointed.

Full service sexual services as a business are highly specialized and exhausting to provide. Even a sensual massage is much more taxing than a client can fully appreciate. 

I’d recommend doing yourself and her a favor and go to someone who is in the business of sex… not sensual massage if you’re actually looking for sex.


However, if you are a client looking for more than a massage, it’s best to go to someone who advertises for full sensual services.

If you actually want a good massage, make sure you vet your provider. As her specific questions about the massage itself. You can ask her questions like —> What kind of massage does she offer? Can you tell me a little about the session? How long have you been offering massage?

This will help you whittle down the real FBSM providers from the other ladies using it as a cover for full service.



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